7 Website Trends To Look Out For in 2022



A compelling, informative, and creative website is the hallmark of a good business. In today’s world, your online presence matters greatly. And more and more, it’s not just about being present online, but the creativity and ingenuity that you can bring to your site while maintaining its practicality and functionality. Studies show that it takes users only 0.05 seconds to form an opinion about a website and to choose whether or not they’ll leave or stay. For a site that sticks, check out these popular 2022 website trends. 


  • Unique Typography
    Most companies and businesses have specific typography and fonts associated with their brand identity. These fonts are often used to maintain a cohesive and uniform look across all mediums, including websites, emails, billboards, and other marketing materials. But experimenting with new, bold typography has taken on a life of its own. More and more, designers are testing the waters with new, unique type options. There are a variety of ways you can play around with your font to give it a new look while maintaining the brand. Experiment with the weight of the font, making it bolder or leaner, the lines of the font, adding curvature or displaying it on an italic, or even the movement of the font, programming it to flow through the page in different patterns.


Example: Pittori di Cinema


  • Oversized Typographic Hero Images
    Making an impression on your visitors is key to keeping them around, and keeping them coming back for more. The top section of a page, also known as the “hero” section, is the first thing a user’s eyes will see when they land on the page. Because of this, it needs to be big, bold, and eye-catching. There are several options available to optimize the hero section. In the past, it was a popular choice to add compelling and creative images or videos. But now, more designers are moving towards bigger, fatter, monochromatic typography, without any excess pictures or flourishes that could distract from the type. This trend aims to make a striking impression without revealing too much detail, urging the user to scroll on the page for more.  The more of an impact this part of the page can make, the better.


Example: Souffl


  • Hand-Drawn Elements
    For many years, designers would rely on digital tools and clip art to build out icons, logos, and other site design elements. But with the rise of tablets and illustration software, many are starting to implement hand-drawn designs and graphics into their websites. These DIY design features result in more relatable site interfaces. Some of these hand-drawn elements include pieces of text or headlines, doodles, scribbles, cutouts, background, logos, and textures. While there is nearly an endless amount of typefaces and design options, truly unique design features are those that are quite literally hand-designed for a specific website. Hand-drawn elements bring a human touch to a previously entirely digital world, fostering a raw and organic feeling.


Example: Legwork Studio


  • Experimenting With New Styles
    More and more, designers are experimenting with new image and text styles to transform the look of their site. In 2022, some of the most popular styles include the Memphis design, retro design, and neo-brutalism. Memphis design is recognized as a defining style for the 1980s. It pairs loud colors and shapes together to create a gaudy aesthetic that rejects minimalism and heightens creativity. Retro design is an ode to the early days of the internet. It modernizes the 90s retro design, and typography, highlighting robotic typefaces and visible table layouts. Lastly, neo-brutalism refers back to the popular brutalism style of the 50s-70s. This trend emphasizes raw and untreated images, plain backgrounds, big and simple typefaces, and asymmetrical layouts. Its neo-brutalism aesthetic of 2022 keeps these roots but displays them in a less extreme way.


Example: Monthly Spotify Playlists


  • Creative Scrolling Experiences
    As the years go on, on-page web designers are finding more and more to elevate the aesthetic and personality of a site. Recently, a common trend has been ditching the old, boring cursor and scroll features, and replacing them with something new and more exciting. If you think about it, one of the most common types of engagement on a page is the motion of scrolling and clicking through a site. In recent years, the experience of moving through a page has gotten bigger and better, opening the doors for implementing creative and captivating ways to click and scroll. Whether it’s modifying the image of the cursor to match the overall branding of the site implementing animations that scroll through the page with you, the attention to detail that these design elements add makes the entire user experience more engaging.


Example: Bakasable


  • Creating a Digestible UX
    When looking to upgrade the design elements of your site, it can be easy to get carried away with all the new and exciting ways you can implement typography, images, illustrations, and your brand’s character. But, it is important to remember the function of a website is not only its compelling aesthetic but its functionality and practicality as well. Even if you have the coolest site in the world, if it doesn’t work and doesn’t offer the user any relevant information, chances are they won’t come back. Organizing your site’s design to produce digestible chunks of content is important for users to find and remember the information they are looking for. A popular trend for fragmenting content is the “card design”. The card design breaks up your site’s copy into groups depending on their relation and displays them in segmented clusters, usually displayed as cards. These cards or sections are often responsive—moving and reacting to the user’s scrolling and clicking. Ensuring that your site is both useable and creative is key to getting and maintaining users on the page.


Example: PublishXI


  • Mobile-Friendly Design
    More than half of all internet searches now happen on mobile devices. This means all sites should be optimized for mobile use and should deliver just as good of an experience on your mobile phone and tablet as your desktop computer. Mobile-friendly sites use responsive web-design that allows for elements on the site to automatically scale and resize to fit the display. Your site should load quickly and completely on a mobile device within seconds. Studies show that it only takes a user 1-2 seconds before deciding whether or not they want to stay or leave a site. If your site functions well on a desktop but fails to load on a mobile or tablet view, then perhaps it’s to reevaluate your site’s elements.


Example: Typeform


Web Design With Epic Marketing 

Epic Marketing has been creating custom-built websites for 16 years. We pride ourselves on our ability to integrate design and functionality to create a site that is both practical and optimized for any layout and still offers creative expression and remains true to your business’s brand character. Our talented team of developers, designers, and copywriters takes your company’s unique brand elements and turns them into a compelling and engaging site that houses all your necessary information and offers an enjoyable and digestible user experience. 

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