Epic Marketing is proud to be able to offer our clients the collective experience of our professional print management staff, to help ensure that you will receive the best possible printed product, at the lowest possible cost to you.

You can rely on our in-depth knowledge of print vendor capabilities, specialties, facilities, equipment, and pricing. We will select vendors to bid on your print job that we know to have the ability to economically produce it based on the design parameters. We will compare multiple bids, review how the vendors intend to produce the job, and select the most efficient and lowest cost vendor, before we present pricing to you.

We will manage the pre-press process. This involves reviewing and approving pre-press proofs, not only ensuring the correct content, but also looking for proper use of PMS spots colors, varnishes, foil stamping, embossing/debossing treatments, fold and trim marks, bleeds, ink traps, and proper imposition and backup.

We will also manage the on-press process. We’ll ensure that the correct paper stock was ordered and loaded on the press. We will verify proper ink densities, color matching, spot quality, and check every press signature for dot slur, mis-registration, moire and other halftone deficiencies which can subtly reduce printed image quality. We will reconfirm proper imposition and backup.

When special finishes are being applied, our staff will be present for approval of the first production pieces, ensuring proper registration, alignment, and overall fit, and generally verifying that the finished piece will be as intended by our designers.

We have the knowledge and background to be able to effectively communicate, judge the results, and propose solutions to problems encountered in the entire press process. Our 25 years of experience gives us the ability to influence press processes and results, in order to produce the best possible printed piece for our clients at the lowest possible cost. We don’t just “rubber stamp” press results. We take charge on your behalf and direct the pre-press and press processes with very specific demands, and we understand the limitations of the various processes and know when compromise is necessary, and how best to achieve the desired end result.

Just as importantly, we recognize when things have gone wrong, and we know how to deal with printers when mistakes have been made. As your print manager, we make things right for you our client. We will determine where things may have gone astray, who will be responsible for which costs if a re-do is necessary, or if a rebate of some printing costs makes most sense, we know how to effectively negotiate with the printer on your behalf. You will never be caught in the middle or find yourself in a verbal match against a printer throwing technical-jargon-laced excuses at you.

The bottom line is that Epic Marketing, as your professional print manager, will give you the best possible print results at the lowest cost, and without the headaches and uncertainty you might encounter when procuring commercial printing on your own.