What is lead generation?

Lead Generation

The lead generation process helps you build interest in your products and acquire new customer leads. These leads can be gathered through a variety of channels like eBooks, guides, webinars, online tools and more. These leads are often created for list building, lead nurture or sales outreach.

Lead generation (creating new interest in your product or service) is an essential part of any business wishing to grow. Even if you only operate out of a single brick and mortar location, new customer foot traffic past your storefront is naturally a part of your lead generation strategy. Most businesses today need to find ways of generating this same spark of interest—but have to do so online.

Gathering leads online poses new, unique challenges that the physical storefront may not have. The first, most apparent issue, is that “foot traffic” is difficult to come by online. Traffic must be earned through SEO, social media channels, or bought with ads. But once you are able to bring people to your site, you’re still not done.

Information is the currency of the web. You may want the visitor to subscribe, fill out a form, or leave their name and email, but the visitor won’t do this without anything in exchange. Giving the visitor a reason to exchange their information is called providing a value offer but is also referred to as lead magnet, or lead bait.

We’re lucky to have so many value offer options when choosing a lead generation strategy. The basic plan is to offer an asset of real value for free in exchange for contact information such as name, email, or other helpful information.
Some of these list-building options involve in-person interaction. Some are entirely online. Choosing what fits best within your marketing plan is more important than choosing any one specific strategy.

Value Offers

  • eBooks
  • Guides
  • Videos
  • Templates
  • Case Studies
  • Webinars
  • Online Tools
  • Workbooks
  • Cheat Sheets
  • Memberships
  • Offers/Coupons
  • No one lead magnet is best. What’s most important is that it’s perceived to have value to your customer and delivers on that promised value. Think about when you give out your email address. Users guard their email and will only exchange it when they believe and trust that the exchange will be worthwhile.

    The best lead magnets have several standard features.

    1. Addresses a real problem that your customer faces.
    2. Promises a quick win.
    3. Are specific in the value offered.
    4. Are easily assessed or digested.
    5. Perceived as high-value.
    6. Instantly available.
    7. Relevant to the host’s domain.

    Once you’re driving traffic to your site and gathering leads with your value offers, you’re generating leads! If your traffic sources are organic and earned, you can anticipate a steady flow of leads as long as you maintain your earned traffic. If your traffic is bought through ads, you can monitor the flow of leads and adjust your traffic accordingly.

    Is lead generation sales or marketing?

    The lead generation process is typically owned by the marketing team but is definitely developed and maintained through collaboration with sales. It’s helpful to think of lead generation as a feedback loop between the leads delivered by marketing, and their sales experience. You can increase your lead quality by closely monitoring results and encouraging communication between your sales and marketing teams.

    It’s important to remember that once you’ve captured a lead, there’s still much more to do. After the lead is earned, you’ll need to nurture your leads.

    Lead Nurture

    Lead nurturing is the practice of helping your contact down the sales funnel by delivering timely and relevant content. This is accomplished by thorough lead segmentation, and message personalization.
    Lead nurture is the process of building relationships and trust with your customers. Answering their questions, and delivering value through the customer experience. The types of content that a customer finds valuable will change as they progress through the sales process. Lead nurture is where you deliver those valuable interactions at the right time.

      Lead Segmentation
      Segmentation is the process of separating your contact list into groups by a chosen characteristic. These groups can be qualities of the contact themselves, such as income or interests. These identifiers can, and should, also include sales-actions indicating the buyer’s journey position. You likely have a variety of customers. Creating unique experiences for them is a powerful way to build relationships, and increase sales.
      Automation platforms allow for a variety of personalization options. These options can include contact names in the subject lines or email bodies to changing pieces of content (like images) on a webpage to match a segmented group of visitors.
      Timely and Relevant Value
      Once you’re segmenting your audience and personalizing the customer experience, your focus should be to provide valuable and timely assets to help them along the buyer’s journey. The types of emails, links, and content that are helpful and appreciated early on in the decision process are much different from those that are appreciated near the end.

      For example, near the beginning of a customer’s experience with your brand, they might appreciate content explaining your product or service. Near the middle of the journey, they might want content comparing similar products or companies via pricing guides or feature comparisons. Near the end, a customer might be concerned with return policies, guarantees, promotions, or bundles

      Your Marketing Automation Strategy
      Effective lead generation is an important part of every business. With powerful and effective marketing automation, your lead generation strategies can help you reach your business goals.

      If you’d like to learn more about marketing automation, lead generation, and what it can do for your business, you can read more in our marketing automation essentials eBook.

    If you’d like to see how Epic Marketing can help your business develop effective lead generation, fill out our form at the bottom of the page and we’ll get in touch with you right away.

    The Ultimate SEO Checklist

    Getting a new SEO client is super exciting! Months of hard work finally paid off. So… now what? Whether you’re a seasoned SEO expert or this is your first client, you should have a strategy and workflow for the campaign.

    Between on-page optimizations, technical SEO fixes and adhering to Google’s guidelines, your SEO strategy is set up for success. Check out our SEO workflow checklist below.

    seo checklist

    Step 1: On-page Optimizations

    On-page means everything you and your customers can see on the website.

    Use a Keyword phrase
    Choose a primary keyphrase or topic for each page. Use Google Keyword Planner for ideas.

    Use Synonyms
    Create a list of alternative keyphrases (synonyms) for your primary keyphrase.

    Create title tag
    Include unique title tag
    Include primary keyphrase
    Keep your title is under 70 characters

    Meta description
    Include unique meta description
    Keep description engaging with a CTA
    Include primary keyphrase and/or synonyms

    H1 tag
    Include primary keyphrase in heading of page

    Image file name
    Include primary keyphrase in the file name

    Image alt text
    Include primary keyphrase in alt text

    Image file size
    Optimize images as much as possible

    Keep URL under 115 characters
    Include keyphrase
    Make descriptive/meaningful

    Have quality content
    Ensure each page has atleast one paragraph of content around 300 words

    Write catchy headline with your goal, audience and placement in mind

    Aim for at least 3 internal links per page (not including menu)

    Step 2: SEO Essentials

    This step might require you working with a web developer.

    Create an XML sitemap

    Create a robots.txt file
    Add a link to your sitemap from your robots.txt

    Check Speed
    Check your site speed and reduce it as much as possible (I recommend using GTMetrix and PageSpeed Insights)

    Make sure your site URL with AND without the WWW goes to the same place (301 redirect)

    Find Broken links
    Check for broken links (I recommend brokenlinkcheck.com)

    Make sure your website looks great on mobile and desktop

    Step 3: Google Google Google

    Very basic SEO strategies to keep Google happy.

    Create a Google Webmasters account.

    Create a Google Analytics account
    Follow the instructions to add it to your website

    Create a Google My Business listing
    Optimize for best practices

    Most Popular Dessert by State in 2018

    Current Mood = Dessert

    If asked, picking one single dessert to eat for the rest of your life would be painfully hard. There are thousands of dessert variations to choose from, and like – #FOMO. 40% of consumers surveyed in a USA Today report say they eat desserts after a meal at least twice a week. 78% say they are more likely to eat dessert to treat themselves and 60% say they order dessert when they’re feeling happy.

    Recognizing the challenge of different search queries (searching for recipes, places for dessert near you, etc.), we compared the top 3 searched desserts in each state utilizing the information found in Google Trends for the entire year of 2018. Mixed with some keyword research (some of these desserts sounded too absurd to be real – I’m talking to you, Florida and Georgia) we were able to finalize a list of the top dessert in each state throughout 2018.

    A top choice by 1/5th of the states in the U.S. was a certain British pudding that, unbeknownst to me (and the entire staff at Epic Marketing), exists and apparently is delicious. Research showed and shocked our team to discover that Jell-O was not the top dessert in Utah, especially since it seems to be culturally popular! But hey, we decided that maybe Gelato is a distant cousin to Jell-O.

    fav dessert by state

    How did your home state compare?

    Top 10 Best SEO Companies in Utah [In 2019]

    [UPDATED MAY 2019]

    Finding the right digital agency is tough. If you’re looking to outsource your SEO or PPC you’ve probably already discovered just how complex the selection process really is. Chances are you’ve found yourself asking-

    • Who can I trust with my brand?‌
    • Does paying more always mean getting a better service?
    • Who is going to be as invested in my success as I am?

    Here at Epic, we pride ourselves not only on our award-winning fulfillment but on viewing our clients as partners and not paychecks. Our clients stick with us for much longer than the industry average because we’re invested in seeing them succeed. Our reputation as one of the best SEO companies in Utah depends fully on the success of our clients. We grow with them. We’re not content running a campaign for a few months only to have the client cancel because they don’t feel like they’re getting what they paid for. Our years of experience specializing in SEO can help you not only survive in the ever-growing online world but dominate your competitors in the process.

    It’s a common experience to get promised the world by an agency and then be delivered something that hardly resembles what you expected. In fact, a 2015 4A commissioned survey found that only 4% of Americans think the marketing industry behaves with integrity. 

    Frankly, we’re tired of this number being justified. Unfortunately, because of the “over-promisers” out there,  you should be wary and cautious about choosing an agency. That’s why we’ve curated this list of the best SEO companies in the Salt Lake, Utah area that have won awards and are well-reviewed.

    Epic Marketing

    marketing agency utah
    Google: 4.9
    Clutch: No Reviews
    Glassdoor: 5
    Location Based in Draper
    Founded 2005
    Average Client Budget $$$
    Company Size 25-30 Employees
    Facebook Likes 900
    Twitter Followers 1,500
    Notable Achievements:
    • Named one of the top digital marketing agencies in Salt Lake City by UpCity.com
    • Named a Top Digital Marketing Agency by Hubspot.com
    • Named a Top50 Ad Agency by Top50adagencies.com


    seo company
    Google: 4.5
    Clutch: 4.8
    Glassdoor: 3.6
    Location Based in Lehi
    Founded 2009
    Average Client Budget $
    Revenue 38.5 Million
    Company Size 421 Employees
    Facebook Likes 15,346
    Twitter Followers 30,000
    Notable Achievements:
    • Ranked 1287 by Inc 5000 in 2016
    • #3 of top 10 SEO Companies of 2017 by 10bestSEO.com
    • Leading Social Media Marketing Service by Clutch

    Search Bloom

    best seo company utah
    Google: 4.8
    Clutch: 4.9
    Glassdoor: 5
    Location Based in Salt Lake City
    Founded 2014
    Average Client Budget $$
    Revenue 1-5 Million
    Company Size 16 Employees
    Facebook Likes 4,652
    Twitter Followers 6,913
    Notable Achievements:
    • Special Recognition by 10bestseo.com

    97th Floor

    seo masters utah
    Google: 4.8
    Clutch: No Reviews
    Glassdoor: 4.7
    Location Based in Lehi
    Founded 2005
    Average Client Budget $$$$
    Revenue 1-5 Million
    Company Size 57 Employees
    Facebook Likes 1,234
    Twitter Followers 6,913
    Notable Achievements:
    • Recommended Vendor of Moz.com
    • Named in 50 Best Workplaces by Inc and Fortune
    • Marketing Agency of the Year – Silver Stevie

    Fusion 360

    salt lake city seo company
    Google: 4.6
    Clutch: No Reviews
    Glassdoor: 2
    Location Based in Salt Lake City
    Founded 2003
    Average Client Budget $$$
    Revenue 1-10 Million
    Company Size 19 Employees
    Facebook Likes 4,273
    Twitter Followers 14.5K
    Notable Achievements:
    • Named one of the top 25 advertising agencies by Utah Business
    • Named one of the top 25 PR agencies by Utah Business


    seo company utah
    Location Based in Draper
    Founded 2010
    Average Client Budget $
    Revenue 10-25 Million
    Company Size 59 Employees
    Facebook Likes 5,008
    Twitter Followers 2,501

    Red Olive

    seo company near me
    Google: 4.7
    Clutch: No Reviews
    Glassdoor: 5
    Location Based in Sandy
    Founded 2010
    Average Client Budget $$$
    Revenue 10-25 Million
    Company Size 59 Employees
    Facebook Likes 3,482
    Twitter Followers 520
    Notable Achievements:
    Gold Davey Award For Work on Highland Custom Homes
    Silver Davey Award for Web Self-Promotion

    Wallaroo Media

    utah seo company
    Google: 4.6
    Clutch: 5
    Glassdoor: 4
    Location Based in Provo
    Founded 2012
    Average Client Budget $$
    Revenue 1-5 Million
    Company Size 25 Employees
    Facebook Likes 1,682
    Twitter Followers 4,725
    Notable Achievements:
    • Named one of Utah Venture Entrepreneur Forum’s “Epic 100” Award winners

    Big Leap

    seo pros utah
    Google: 4.9
    Clutch: 4.7
    Glassdoor: 4.7
    Location Based in Lehi
    Founded 2008
    Average Client Budget $$
    Revenue 2 Million
    Company Size 51 Employees
    Facebook Likes 1,020
    Twitter Followers 1,683
    Notable Achievements:
    • Named 1050 Fastest growing private company by “Epic 100” Award winners
    • Experienced 374% 3 year growth (2016) according to Inc.

    Foxtail Marketing

    utah seo services
    Google: 4.7
    Clutch: 4.7
    Glassdoor: 4.2
    Location Based in American Fork
    Founded 2013
    Average Client Budget $$
    Revenue 1-5 Million
    Company Size 35 Employees
    Facebook Likes 3,758
    Twitter Followers 936
    Notable Achievements:
    • Named a top startup to watch in 2016 by Utah Valley Business Q
    • Named Emerging 8 Company By Utah Business
    • Named as Best SEO firm for Feb 2016 by TopSEOs.com

    Thomas Arts

    seo company utah
    Google: 5
    Clutch: No Reviews
    Glassdoor: 3.9
    Location Based in Farmington
    Founded 2002
    Average Client Budget $$$
    Revenue 25-50 Million
    Company Size 162 Employees
    Facebook Likes 1,128
    Twitter Followers 1,448
    Notable Achievements:
    • Winner of The Greater Salt Lake Public Relations Society as the “Golden Spike Awards” best tactic
    • Named Emerging 8 Company By Utah Business
    • Named as Best SEO firm for Feb 2016 by TopSEOs.com


    So there you have it! We wish you all the best as you search for an SEO company that’s a good fit for you.



    The Importance of Custom Photography


    An important part of a marketing plan that is often overlooked is custom photography. Humans are highly visual creatures. We’re able to make connections and process visual information almost instantaneously. In fact, a user’s decision to trust, engage, or commit is made in milliseconds. It’s true what they say: a picture is worth a thousand words. Here’s why meaningful, custom images can convey more to the user than any stock photo.

    User Experience

    Hiring a photographer to shoot custom images of your product or service has been proven to significantly improve user experience of your website.  Regardless of how professional looking they may be, stock photos may convey the wrong message, thus confusing the user or leaving a sense of fraud.

    Brand Recognition

    Have you ever seen a photo or visual and were able to instantly recognize what brand it was? Powerful and harmonious photos are more memorable and more likely to stand out among consumers. In addition, it allows you to establish a connection with your audience.

    Authenticity & Transparency

    Custom photography allows you to show your employees, work environment, services, products, and relationships. Not only does this allow for credibility, authenticity, and transparency, but it also humanizes your brand.

    If you need help defining your visual identity, Epic Marketing can design and deliver a brand transformation. Our team of professionals is dedicated to taking your business to the next level. Contact us today at (801) 251-7432 for a consultation.

    The Newest Update in Social Media Advertising

    Facebook Lead Ads

    Facebook continues to test new, simpler marketing solutions for businesses and their customers. The giant social network has recently launched “Lead Ads.” Lead ads provide an easier and more private way for customers to sign up for more information or request specific data about your business. Your company can advertise your product or services in the News Feed and obtain info from prospective customers without them ever having to leave Facebook. Lead ads make the signup process more convenient and easily trackable. Essentially, this allows for some of your business processes to be done on Facebook’s platform.

    How it Works

    This new advertising effort gives businesses a new way to interact with their Facebook audience. When your potential customer clicks on your ad, they will be redirected to a sign-up form similar to a typical landing page. However, Facebook automatically populates information from their profile into relevant fields. Users will only need to fill in the missing information and hit “submit.” They are then captured as leads without ever leaving Facebook.

    The Benefits of Facebook Lead Ads

    Lead ads make it easier and faster for customers to reach you. Most people hate filling out forms, and being mobile-device friendly, the form is intended to have as little typing as possible.  With the correct information, you can also respond to leads in real time. Following up with leads is crucial for any successful marketing campaign.

    Lead ads can be a huge advantage for the marketing efforts done by your business when done properly. Interested in learning more about how Epic Marketing can use Facebook to help grow your business? Contact us today at 801.657.4383 for a free consultation. Our marketing experts will help your business reach its full potential.




    Take Mini-Marketing Lessons with Google’s New “Primer” APP

    Take Mini-Marketing Lessons with Google’s New “Primer” App 2.0

    In 2014, Google launched a new mobile application called Google Primer. This new app offers mini-marketing lessons aimed at helping users get up to speed on Google-specific subject including, search engine marketing, advertising, content marketing, and public relations. The short, interactive lessons are aimed specifically at startups and their busy schedules. According to the app’s website, Primer will teach you valuable marketing skills in 5 minutes or less by offering jargon free lessons to make it easier for those who are new to marketing. The app currently offers lessons in different categories: content marketing, PR and media, and search advertising. Users will also be able to store their progress in their profile.

    This app was useful before, but more-so now because Google just re-released it with new content and an updated interface. It is a great place to learn some basics so that you can make more educated decisions regarding your marketing. Whether you are planning on getting better at doing your own marketing or getting help from a professional marketing agency, Google Primer can’t hurt to take a look at!

    The Benefits of a Professional Agency

    The benefits of hiring a full-service marketing agency are numerous and will give your business access to experts in the many different layers of marketing. With Epic Marketing, you get more than just marketing expertise. With our cutting edge solutions, shared experiences, and access to innovative marketing technology, we can help your business thrive. The marketing field is constantly changing and marketers know how to master the new rules. We help you bridge the gap and provide a team of diverse people with the knowledge and experience. In addition, your company will benefit from an outside perspective. By utilizing a professional agency, you gain flexibility and a second set of eyes. Whether it’s strategizing, copywriting, or designing, you can rely on our skills to find the right marketing approach for your business.

    Call Today for a Free Business Consultation

    Interested in learning more? Contact us today at 801.657.4383 for a free consultation. Our marketing experts will help your business reach its full potential.

    Some of Our Recent Work

    Restoration Healthcare

    healthcare digital marketingRestoration Healthcare came to Epic Marketing in need of a complete brand overhaul. A weight loss and preventative care clinic in Irvine, CA, it was necessary that their website convey the comprehensiveness of their services in a user-friendly manner. Additionally, Epic was tasked with strategy planning, preparing marketing advice, and writing unique and relevant copy that would help increase business. Today, their site (complete with newly-designed logo) is live, mobile-friendly, and optimized for SEO purposes.

    Houston VIR

    website updateHouston VIR’s site was non responsive and was difficult to navigate. Recognizing that a significant amount of their traffic comes from mobile devices, Epic Marketing built a new site that was optimized for mobile and onsite SEO. Additionally, Epic had to come up with a creative way to incorporate a lot of services in an easy-to-use navigation for this vascular and interventional radiology center in Houston, TX. The result was a new site that has a clean layout and fresh, up-to-date look.

    Sorrento Valley Pain Relief Center

    web design utahSorrento Valley Pain Relief Center came to Epic Marketing because they disliked the look of their site. Additionally, the site architecture was poor, making it difficult to find information about the services that they focus on (there were even services listed that they do not provide). Epic went in and built a new site that was modern and that had fresh, easily-understandable informative copy. Now the new site is easy to navigate for this pain relief center in San Diego, CA.


    web design utahVeriScreen came to Epic Marketing with a poorly done website that was non responsive. Having been referred to Epic by another client whose website Epic designed and that VeriScreen liked, Epic undertook a logo refresh, created some new copy, and ensured that the new site was responsive and that its onsite SEO was maximized. Though the new site has not yet been launched, below is a snapshot of what this professional background screening services company’s new site will look like.