When most people think of marketing, they probably envision the process of gaining new customers or clients that will contribute to the bottom line of their business. But in addition to adding new customers, it’s also important to pay attention to the ones you already have. The cost of keeping a happy customer is fraction of what it costs in terms of marketing dollars to gain a new one. Customer retention is a key part of any marketing strategy and certainly something that should get a lot of thought, effort, and planning. Here are a few tips about different ways to make sure your current customers remain a part of your marketing strategy:

Make new customers feel welcome: While this should be a standard for any business, it’s true that the little things go a long way in terms of customer services. Customers who have a great first impression of working with your business are much more likely to stick around in the long run. Consider sending welcome letters or even putting together welcome gifts or promotions for new patients or customers.

Let them know you value their feedback: Not only will asking their opinion help your customers know you value their feedback, but you’ll also get invaluable information straight from the source to know how you can continue to improve your services and products.

Utilize social media: Staying in front of your audience with social media is one of the most inexpensive marketing tools you can add to your mix. Make sure you give your current clients an incentive to follow you on social media—whether that comes in the form of promotions or great, valuable content.

Snail mail: Good old-fashioned mail still holds value when it comes to some forms of marketing. Sending birthday and Christmas/holiday cards is another great way to stay in front of your current clients. Reminder postcards for upcoming patient visits or promotions are also another great way to keep your visibility high with current customers.

The key to making collateral work is to give your current customers items that they’ll actually use like calendars, magnets, mugs, pens, notepads, etc. Top of mind awareness and brand recognition are two great results that can come from effective collateral.

The perfect mix of strategies for customer retention varies with every business, but its importance doesn’t. If you could use a little more strategy and planning when it comes to marketing to your current customers, give our team a call today.

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