As we work with an increasing number of chiropractic practices, multidisciplinary practices, pain management centers, and other practices around the country, we are becoming very familiar with the chiropractic marketing and advertising tools that have been available to doctors for the past decade or so.

Most doctors are running a set of ‘canned,’ one-size-fits-all ads that worked once upon a time for one doctor, and are now being resold at a premium. Most “marketing” services are really only offering a handful of ads with no accountability, help in placing the ads, or customizing them for your area and the media outlets available to you.

“My area must be different, marketing just doesn’t work for me…”

Those types of ads have mostly dried up in value, leading a lot of doctors to think that advertising doesn’t work in their area or in newspaper/tv/radio/etc, when the problem is really that the ads don’t connect to people in a new & effective way.

Sometimes they are placed in the wrong publications or media altogether – even if the message is persuasive, if it’s in front of the wrong crowd then it won’t generate any phone calls or patients.

Marketing Doesn’t Come in One-Size-Fits-All

For some smaller practices, it may make sense to use generic marketing materials to get up on your feet but throwing generic ads in the local media and waiting for results doesn’t cut it – that’s no way to run a full size business.

Ads need to be created around your specific needs, and those ads need to be tracked & watched by someone who knows what metrics are important and which aren’t. Then they need to be tweaked frequently to keep results coming in.

In marketing, it’s dangerous to compare one area or the success of one ad to your marketing efforts. An ad that pulls 90 phone calls in a newspaper across the state isn’t necessarily going to have the same effect in yours. There are a number of factors to take into consideration, besides competition, market saturation, public awareness, and demand.

That’s where Epic comes in…

The Epic Marketing Approach

In contrast to the handful of ads available from medical marketers , we make up the marketing team for our clients and build an entire marketing campaign that is custom to your specific area, treatment, and needs.

The results have been incredible. Having a professional marketing team handling marketing is a giant step forward from the ‘ad programs’ and ‘chiropractic ad collections’ that have been used for so many years.

We plan, create ads, place them, and then report on the performance of our doctor’s ads each month, and they enjoy looking at our detailed reporting, which gives us critical insights in making advertising decisions.

The difference between what the medical community has had to work with in the past and what we have to offer is enormous – we are focused on getting immediate results and measuring them so that everyone involved knows exactly how your advertising dollars are performing and we can make sure that we are trending in the right direction.

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