When it comes to marketing and advertising, it’s not just about the number of people you can reach with your brand and message. What determines the success of your efforts is being able to effectively reach and connect with those who are most likely to respond to it. How do you do that? By finding your target demographic and crafting your messages to match their self-interests, you have a much higher chance of maximizing your marketing dollar. After all, you don’t want to be throwing your money away on people that don’t need, or even want your services or products.

Here are a few questions to get you thinking about your target demographic:

  • What are the different observable characteristics of your buyers?
  • What social groups are your buyers a part of?
  • What age, ethnicity, gender, income level, etc. really care about your type of business?
  • What motivates your prospects to buy your products and services?
  • What are their key needs and challenges?

When it comes to determining your target demographic, the worst mistake you can make is just assuming you know who you think you should target without gathering some data to support it. How can you do that? Get to know your customers. List the key identifiable characteristics of your best potential clients and you’ll almost always find your ideal target market. For even more refined data, consider finding other market research or conducting surveys on your own.

Once you’ve found your target demo, you then need to determine how you can best cater your message to them. Consider the following questions:

  • How can you better refine your marketing message to speak to these groups?
  • What specific solutions are you offering to meet their key needs?
  • What wording needs to be changed in your promotional material to speak directly to these potential buyers in a way they will respond to?

Most importantly, it’s vital to constantly fine tune your marketing materials and message to ensure that it’s reaching your target market in a way that brings the most return per marketing dollar spent. If you need help determining your target market or would like an expert opinion of how you can best market to that demographic, give our marketing professionals a call today.

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