Lehi Copywriting

Great copy can't be faked.

So we write persuasive arguments, interesting ads, and taglines that are anthems. And it’s all delivered with just the right amount of style. It's work that elevates your brand to something just a bit bigger than your product—and gets people excited about what you're doing.

Clean, creative, and converting copy every time

Epic Marketing’s team of experienced in-house copywriters can take your content to the next level. We work closely with every single client to make sure our copy captures your Lehi business’s unique voice, establishes trust with your customers, and aligns with your company goals. Whether we’re writing a blog post, a Facebook ad, or an entire website, we’ll create well-crafted copy that not only gives your site extreme SEO power, it gets your core messages across efficiently and effectively.

We start with extensive research into your business, product, and industry until we’re experts ourselves. Taking into consideration your target audience, brand tone, and growth goals, we can write copy that blends with your own voice and tone while also standing out to anyone who reads it.

Our Lehi Copywriting Services

Search Engine Optimized Content

Creating search engine optimized content isn’t just an option these days—it’s a necessity. Because even if your product perfectly solves your customer’s problem, it doesn’t matter if they can’t find your Lehi business after a simple Google search. Our copywriters can delicately lace your landing page, website content, and blog posts with high-performing keywords that will help your business rise to the top of that coveted first page of Google.

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Website Copywriting

As your company grows, your website’s content should be refreshed and updated. Whether to introduce a new product or give your site an SEO boost, our team of writers can create content that not only educates potential customers on your brand and company, but effortlessly leads them to your CTA and makes a positive, lasting impression on every visitor.

Creative Scripts

You can shoot the most awe-inspiring and Sundance-worthy video—but it won’t convert if it’s not expertly paired with quality messaging points and a strategic storyline. Our storytellers, writers, and videographers can create a high-quality commercial or video that keeps people engaged and away from that skip button. Whether you want your video to raise brand awareness, promote your company’s product, or educate your viewers, we’ll create a script and storyline that hooks your viewers right from the start.

Social Media Content

Every thriving business needs to have a social media presence and build up trust with their target audience. Our copywriting team knows how to create content that makes it easy for people to hit follow. With precise and engaging language that gets to your customer’s pain points, we can create organic and paid social media content that both informs and educates your audience—making it an easy decision for them to become a loyal and paying customer.

Blog Content

Website blogs are a great way to share helpful articles about your product, updates on your industry, and other information that would be helpful for your articles. It’s also the perfect place to show off your Lehi company’s personality and give your site some SEO help. Let us help you flesh out your website by building a library of content that proves you’re an authority in your field.

Our writers can also help your SEO ranking by writing blog posts that live on sites related to your industry. These include links back to your own website—giving your domain a well-deserved SEO boost and helping you rank for coveted industry-specific keywords and help you rise to the top of the SERPs.

Content Marketing

Publishing a half-baked blog post every other quarter isn’t enough these days. Your company needs a strong, well-thought-out content marketing strategy that will lead your media creation efforts—expertly integrated into your business plans while also showing your customers (and competitors) your Lehi business is a real player in your industry. Our team at Epic can give you data-driven recommendations on what channels you should focus on, formats you should explore, and content that works with your business goals.

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Serving Our Lehi Neighbors

As a born and bred Utah marketing agency, we’re always looking to help companies right here in our Silicon Slopes and take their business to the next level. So when VC-backed SaaS startup CrowdStorage wanted us to help them get off the ground and become a real competitor in the cutthroat data storage field, we happily came on board.

Alongside our stellar in-house team of designers, developers, and marketers, our copywriters crafted content that elegantly shows off CrowdStorage’s innovative cloud data storage solution—speaking not only to Lehi’s tech-savvy community, but also to the everyday CrowdStorage user.

Let Epic Help You Tell Your Story

Located right across the Point of the Mountain in Draper, Utah, Epic Marketing is a full-service marketing agency that specializes in crafting copy that converts. Reach out today to learn about how our in-house team of copywriters can help grow your Lehi business.