Epic Marketing designs and develops websites. Lots of them! Handsome, captivating, search-optimized, graphically rich and intuitive websites of all kinds. But sometimes special needs arise that can often best be addressed with a customized web app or tool. We can offer you our vast experience developing custom client and user portals, unique store fronts, specialized utilities, tools, and widgets, all designed to perform a useful task or present data in a new and enticing way.

A major law firm approached us with a need to better manage their marketing materials in-house. They needed help in ensuring uniformity in design and layout, allow for quick assembly of client proposals and creation of data sheets, brochures, print ads, attorney profiles and more on demand. They wanted to be able to build numerous professional looking documents on a daily basis, all of them conforming to their approved corporate style guide, using custom fonts, approved colors and graphic elements, and to do this from any computer at any of their office locations. A web-based solution was the obvious choice, and so with just a rough outline, Epic set out to propose a robust solution, and to develop, deploy, and support it.

What we created is rather remarkable, supporting concurrent user logins, professionally designed templates, and a powerful interactive document creation and assembly system, where the special type fonts, templates, and all data are maintained on a single web server, and accessed via web browser. Within the confines of the document templates which we designed to conform to corporate styles, the marketing department of this law firm can easily compose, preview, create PDFs interactively, and assemble component pieces into beautiful finished documents, while maintaining consistency of their corporate style.

This is just one example of how Epic Marketing can design a website for you that is unique, powerful, simple to navigate, and actually useful too. Do you have a “crazy idea”, perhaps something unique or never seen before, something that might set you apart from the crowd? Let Epic Marketing bring it to life for you on the web!