Your business wants to get in front of the right people, at the right time, with the right message.

The Rule of Seven

In marketing and advertising, the rule of seven assumes that your potential customers need to stumble upon your offer at least seven times before they will take action or purchase your product or service.

Remarketing and PPC Retargeting

Remarketing is the shortcut to creating these 7+ touch points; but not with just anyone. With Epic’s remarketing services your ads target potential customers who have been carefully and analytically segmented and selected.

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How Can I Use Remarketing?

The digital landscape offers your company a dynamic way to get in front of the right people, at the right time with the right message. Digital remarketing allows you to learn about your consumer and then market to them accordingly all while leaving the inefficiencies of traditional marketing behind.

Returning visitors drastically outperform their newer counterparts. On average, new visitors spend approximately 2 minutes and 31 seconds on-site compared to 5 minutes and 31 seconds for returning visitors. Creating that second opportunity for users not only means more time on-site, but more conversions and customers.

Google Display Network

Remarketing with the Google Display Network means reopening a digital conversation with those who have:

  • Visited your website
  • Opened your email
  • Used your mobile app
  • Watched one of your YouTube

With the Google Display Network reaching 90% of internet users worldwide (65% of them daily) it’s very rare that you cannot reach your intended audience. Google’s Display Network also enables its advertiser to be versatile and precise. Here are just a few ways Google makes remarketing an agile marketing solution:

Social Media Based Remarketing

Social media activity accounts for 30% of internet usage time worldwide; and this number is only increasing. Since 2008, the percentage of adults in the US who have at least one profile on a social network has increased from 24% to 78%. Remarketing on social platforms allows you to tap into this massive and rapidly growing audience.

Imagine being able to reach people who added an item to their shopping cart but never checked out. Or someone who bought the old version of your product and hasn’t been back to your site since the release of your latest version. Further, you can segment your audience into users who have visited certain pages, who have visited some pages but not others, or by how much time they did or did not spend on your site.

The combinations of how you can segment and target your audience makes remarketing a versatile advertising solution for almost any business. Even when you’re working with a minimal budget, remarketing is always a viable means of getting your message in front of the right person at the right time.

Let Epic Be Your Remarketing Company

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