One of the many reasons why businesses choose to hire us is because of our ability to create ads that are more effective and better at accomplishing their goals. The difference between an average ad and one that we have created is often 2-3 times the response from consumers. Many of our clients want a highly targeted direct response ad that generates qualified phone calls, while others want ads that are clean, classy and focus more on branding their products and services.

Our ads are created with this process in mind, and each ad must pass an internal rating system with high marks required in each of the following categories, before they go to print. Three or more marketing professionals (design, content writing, sales) are involved in the creation and review of each ad that we produce. Keep in mind that the most effective ads are those that can connect with and draw in the intended demographic within 3 to 5 seconds.

Epic Ad Quality Process:

1. Design/layout
One of the first things that consumers notice on a subconscious level is the quality of the design and layout. Colors, style, and designs must be consistent with the business’s brand image while piquing the interest of its intended demographic. The design should aid in making the audience comfortable and confident in doing business with you.

2. Headline
The headline or information at the top of your ad is normally what is read first. Often it is the only thing that is glanced at while consumers are shuffling through ads. A carefully crafted headline needs to draw them into reading the rest of the ad.

3. Image selection
Far too often we see ads that have images that are not relevant or even distract from the message and demographic. Images used in ads need special attention and will often take considerable time to select. They need to be specifically relevant to the message and create an emotional connection with the consumer.

4. Call to action/offer
An effective ad needs to include some direction. What do you want consumers to do once they have looked at your ad? What have you included in your ad that generates a need for them to call you right away?

5. Unique Selling Position (USP)
What is your unique selling position? Your business needs to clearly communicate what separates you from your competition. Consumers need a reason to choose you over your competitors. Having a strong USP will help you win business that might otherwise be lost to your competition.

6. Content writing/sales position
The content of your ad needs to be written with your demographic in mind. It needs to inform and sell at the same time. The words must be carefully selected so that they entice, intrigue and motivate consumers to action. There are 2 main points to note here: 1. Persuasive sales content is one of the strongest keys, which if done properly, will double the response of your ads. 2. Demographic targeting – Your words and language should be written in a way that best connects with your demographic.

7. Message clarity
The message of your ad should be clear and have a targeted purpose, be uncluttered, and include only content that has a direct purpose. Businesses often make the mistake of including so many random things in their ads that they become confusing and distract from the purpose of getting consumers the right information.

8. Trust factors
It is important that your ad conveys trust and professionalism to consumers. Having a professional look-and-feel will help, but there are other things that your ad needs to have in order to instill trust and confidence. Adding reputable names of manufacturers or vendors that you utilize will help you inspire consumer trust. Having a website listed on your ad tells people that you are not a new or fly-by-night business. Your ad must not leave any doubt or looming questions about the legitimacy of your business.