linkedin marketing

Often considered one of the big players in the social media trifecta, LinkedIn plays a big part in how modern companies do business. Many people are aware of how LinkedIn works for their personal resume and job prospects, but don’t recognize the benefit it can have in the bigger business marketplace. What’s different about LinkedIn is that it’s a social network just for business. Sure, you make connections and contacts, but it has a sense of heightened professionalism and credentials that make it a valuable tool to add to your efforts in increasing your company’s brand and visibility. If you’re new to LinkedIn or aren’t quite sure how you can use it as a business tool, here are a few tips:

Build a Company Profile

In addition to personal profiles, LinkedIn also allows businesses to create their own professional profile. Information on a company profile can include a description about the business, a link to the website, its industry, size, etc. When you create a company profile, employees can be “linked” to your business through their profile so all of their connections can see a description of where they work. Additionally, company profiles can have “followers,” where you can easily communicate updates and share links with people who are interested in the happenings of your business.

Share Your Knowledge

Helping someone out while sharing your knowledge at the same time is a great way to make business connections. With LinkedIn Answers, you can do just that. With highly segmented categories, you can be sure that you’re choosing to share information about subjects you know the most about. There aren’t any rules about how much information you can or can’t give away, but making a personal connection can set the groundwork for a new client relationship. Be thorough with your answers, and invite whoever asked the question to contact you privately for more info.

Take Advantage of Viral Potential

Use LinkedIn as another great tool to promote sharable content. The inherent networking quality of this site makes it easy for your company profile followers to share content to their friends and connections that they deem valuable, which is another great way to enhance the visibility of your business.

Join the Conversation

Get involved with others who have the same or similar interest as your business. Join LinkedIn Groups and join the discussions to leverage your participation in those groups. Doing so will help build your visibility with others in the same niche.

New Hires

If your company is looking to fill open positions, LinkedIn is a valuable asset to use to not only find the most qualified applicants, but to also increase your brand visibility.

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