When it comes to your advertising dollars, it’s important to have an objective evaluation of your print ad performance. Managing the investment you’ve made in your advertising is critical to the overall success of your advertising initiatives.

How often do you review your print ad performance? Evaluating print ads is an ongoing process. The review should occur immediately following the ad run, but at a minimum on a monthly basis. This will help you gauge the effectiveness of your print ads and return on investment.

When selecting an advertising agency, make sure the agency is transparent, offers a monthly meeting that includes a detailed agenda to plan upcoming campaigns, reviews past performance and makes recommendations, implements ad tracking tools and produces reports to show your print ad performance. Not all agencies have this mentality because they are not sales driven, nor do they have the tools to develop insights that can help you pinpoint issues, and maximize your advertising dollars.

Why is it important to evaluate print ad performance? Unfortunately, 47% of businesses don’t do a regular assessment of their print ads to help them determine what is working and what is not working. It’s crucial to regularly evaluate your print ad performance for the following reasons:

1. Improve performance. When evaluating print ads on a regular basis you will determine what is working well and why. This will allow your business to reallocate budgets to the most efficient advertising media resources.

2. Business ad alignment. A regular evaluation will ensure that your print ads work and that your ads are pulling and aligned with your business’s overall marketing strategy.

3. Return on Investment. Evaluating print ads can help you understand the total cost of your advertising, which will help you calculate the return on investment.

4. Underperforming ads. Businesses that plan regular print ad assessments are more likely to identify successful and underperforming parts of their ads. Consistently evaluating your print ads will improve the overall quality of your ads and improve your ad performance.

5. Have realistic ad expectations. There are clearly numerous ways to generate traffic to your business. Our experience with print ads has proven time and again that there is a very high return on investment. However it is not a magic pill. Print ads take time to develop traffic to your business just like other advertising sources. Fortunately print ads drive traffic faster than any other advertising source, providing a more immediate return for a business owner.

Often, business owners are talked into low-quality print ads with promises of fast returns, using methods that haven’t been effective for years. Potential customers can be turned off to these print ads due to promises that can’t be kept, resulting in ads that fail to meet your expectations. Not all ads are going to produce the same desired outcome; understanding this will help you have and set realistic expectations.

Every advertiser’s goal is the same; to get a better return on their investment. Armed with the answers to these five questions, you’ll be able to gather key insights about your print ads, producing better conversions and maximizing your campaign and return on investment.

There are no doubt other things to expect when engaging in an advertising campaign. It’s important to understand what you’re getting into before investing. We take pride in ourselves for being honest and transparent with our clients. Sometimes this means that we don’t win a deal, where an agency with more aggressive salespeople might win by implanting dreams that don’t come true with their advertising. But at the end of the day it’s about delivering results, forging long-term relationships and maintaining client satisfaction. We’d rather have happy, satisfied clients than churning and burning, unhappy clients.