Did you know that over two million blogs are published daily? No wonder it is so hard to be found online with all that Internet competition. However, some people manage to stay above the rest; no matter how much online traffic they face.

So, how do these people do it? The answer is in the techniques they use to promote their website content. Unfortunately many authors forget to promote their content. Whether you’re publishing on social media, or generating posts for your blog, you need to give your content that extra boost in order to maximize the return you will get from the time you invested.

One myth on the Web is that great content markets itself. It really doesn’t work that way. It didn’t back in the days before the Internet and it certainly doesn’t today when people have a massive Internet competing for their attention. It doesn’t matter how good your content is, if you do not promote it, you’re wasting your time and content.

Knowing the right time to promote your content is critical to publishing. Most of the world runs off East Coast publishing time, so you don’t want to start promoting your content at 7pm on a Friday night. You’re going to miss your audience. You want to publish when your community is most active and when you’ll get the most attention online. That may mean sitting on content for a day and actually start planning ahead.

There are several ways to attract eyeballs to your website content. Here are five easy methods to get you started.

1. Promote through Blogging: This is a great method to recap content monthly on your blog. Be sure to link to relevant press releases, posts, videos, and other content within your blog posts to increase your reader engagement. Just as you link to your website from your articles, linking from your website to relevant articles will benefit your content promotional strategy.

2. Promote through Social Media Channels: For new blogs or videos and more, post the link to your social media accounts with an enticing tidbit of the content. Use hashtags to help your audience find you, don’t be overzealous or it will look like keyword stuffing. Ensure that your approach will benefit each reader oriented to your target market rather than over promoting. The top social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.

3. Promote through Google Authorship: Linking and tagging between the post and your G+ profile will make your face appear in search results when the post ranks in Google. Verified Google Authorship links and tags to your content will increase transparency with your readers. This transparency is rewarded by placing your author photo in search results when the post ranks, increasing your click-through rate up to 150%.

4. Promote through Niche Social Sites: If you have accounts on any smaller membership sites, forums, association sites, networking groups such as LinkedIn, and anywhere else you can post content, create a short summary and then link to the article. You can include an image to make the posting more visible and appealing to the eye. You don’t want to post the entire article on another site otherwise readers won’t visit your site. Also you run the risk of confusing Google and getting penalized for creating duplicate content.

5. Promote through Email Subscribers: If you’re not already, you should be accumulating a list of email subscribers from your opt-in email signup box on your website. This will enable you to create a monthly or quarterly recap email of recent press releases, published articles, videos, and more. Be sure to include a sales hook of what piece of content you want to promote and then provide a link. Research suggests early mornings, but test until you find the best time for your list. Consider sending on the weekends, and know that experience has shown to avoid Tuesdays.

Give your content marketing strategy a boost using these methods and in return you will amplify your marketing signal.