logo design utah

When you think of popular brand logos, things like the Nike “swoosh” or the Apple icon probably come to mind. But logos aren’t just important for big international brands. A logo is one of the central pieces to all of your marketing efforts and creates a better way for clients to connect with you – even if you are a smaller local business or clinic.

A logo unifies your brand across all media platforms, including print, broadcast, collateral, social media, etc. It helps distinguish your brand from your competition and is a visual representation of what your business is all about. For local businesses, a well-placed logo on business cards, signage, advertising, local and charity events can help show the impact of your business on the community while simultaneously creating positive brand recognition.

A good logo uses font, placement, icons, and color to convey an emotion about the brand it is representing. It should reflect the professionalism and other unique values offered by your business. Additionally, a good logo should be timeless so that it can be a viable part of your marketing strategy for years to come.

When was the last time you considered how your logo is representing your business? Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a professionally-designed logo is out-of-reach, and only for national or international companies. Epic Marketing has helped many of our clients create new logos that better represent that core values of their brand – logos that can be used on all marketing materials long-term. If you’re interested in seeing what Epic has designed for our clients, visit our Work Page, or call us to see what we can do for your business.