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Up With Kids is a children’s musical theater academy where kids ages 4-18 act, sing, and dance their way through your favorite classic fairy tales with an original twist.

When Up With Kids approached Epic Marketing, they needed a marketing strategy that would allow them to reach families in school districts that were prohibiting the distribution of promotional flyers from outside parties.

The academy needed a branding overhaul – a fresh new look that would speak to the personal growth and fun to be had at Up With Kids – starting with a new logo.

While the concept of using the comedy and tragedy masks was appropriate for a children’s musical theater, the execution and interplay with the typography never formed a cohesive mark, so the Epic team went to work to develop an eye-catching new design.

The Challenge:

Up With Kids students range from preschool to high school, so we needed to create a mark that would capture the energy and personality of a developmentally diverse demographic. Furthermore, the logo needed to reflect a level of creativity and sophistication that would resonate with parents – Up With Kids’ primary target audience.

The Concept:

Our solution was to create a heavier typographic logo with one of the ascenders in the “U” forming the shape of a directional arrow, subtly referencing the development of confidence, self-esteem, and talent that comes from participating in Up With Kids.

As the concept for the primary mark was developed, we simultaneously envisioned the logo morphing into an artistic interpretation of each yearly theater production. This concept advertises the academy’s current production, while keeping Up With Kids in the forefront of the design.

The Up With Kids 2014/2015 season will feature a production of “Frostbite! A Tale of Two Sisters” based on Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Snow Queen” and Disney’s Frozen.

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About Up With Kids

Up With Kids has after school and evening programs throughout the state of Utah and is currently expanding into the surrounding states of Idaho and Arizona. Check them out at