There is trend taking place in the small business world today, and that’s the outsourcing of marketing to agencies and firms. We know that we’re a full service marketing agency, and yes we would love to help with any of your marketing needs, but that’s not why we’re writing this blog. We’re writing this blog because we want to examine when outsourcing your marketing makes sense and when it doesn’t.

Marketing is a complex beast with many different layers, so many layers in fact that there are experts in firms who specialize in just one or two layers of marketing. Most full service marketing firms have specialists for online marketing, media buying, account management, graphic design, creative vision, content/copywriting, lead generation and market research, just to name a few. There are also companies out there who specialize in just one of these niche specialties, such as online marketing or creative design.

When it comes to marketing your business, you’ll need to consider what makes the most sense for your company. Does it make sense for you to hire an in-house marketing person or team? There are times when it does. The benefit of having in-house marketing is that your business will be known inside and out by them. They will know who your customer base is and have a strong understanding of how to market to them. They will also have the flexibility to change a campaign on short notice, and there will be a personal connection with you since they work in your office.

The down side to hiring an in-house marketing team is that it can be expensive. Most small businesses can’t afford to pay the salaries that true marketing experts deserve, thereby creating a revolving door of “stepping stone” marketers. When in-house marketing teams don’t stay around very long, it prevents your business from ever developing a stable marketing plan. Your business also misses out on the knowledge and insight available from these true marketing experts, who will almost always gravitate to larger firms and agencies. There are businesses out there where having both an in-house marketing team and a marketing firm helping with its marketing makes the most sense. This approach can enhance the lines of communication between your business and your marketing message. You get to combine the experts from a marketing firm with the experts from your own business.

A full service marketing firm is a great option when it doesn’t make sense for you to hire an in-house marketing person or team. The benefits of hiring a full-service marketing agency are numerous and will give your business access to experts in the many different layers of marketing. It will streamline the number of companies you’ll need to work with to meet all of your marketing needs. A full service firm can take care of your online needs, media needs, branding needs, creative design needs, and just about anything related to marketing that you can think of. Outsourcing your marketing needs to a professional firm will help open doors for your marketing campaigns and even save (and make) you money in the long run.