Robust analytics and research—it’s the drum agencies thump when talking about how Google ads should be processed, dissected, and understood. Epic PPC management adds a bit more percussion; with expertise and strategy from an in-house team that’s managed and optimized big campaigns across an even bigger cross-section of industries—all without missing a beat on delivering a tangible return on investment.

Search Ads

How do you reach customers already looking for your services? Start with search ads. With Google Search, Display, and Video ads—in addition to many other platforms—we place your business front and center.

Paid Social

Reaching your customers on social gives you creative and interactive opportunities not found on older platforms—but it’s increasingly becoming a pay-to-play game. From Facebook and Instagram to LinkedIn and Pinterest, we know how to connect with your audience and drive results.


Why miss out on your warmest leads because they don’t convert right away? Retargeting keeps you top of mind and in front of your contacts. We focus on reaching your prospects on the right channels with the right messaging.

Remarketing and Retargeting Advertising Services

On average, Americans are exposed to 362 ads a day. How many of those ads “make an impression” on their viewer? The answer is 12. That means, upon first impression, consumers can only even remember seeing 3% of the ads they see.

Your business wants to get in front of the right people, at the right time, with the right message.

The Rule of Seven

In marketing and advertising, the rule of seven assumes that your potential customers need to stumble upon your offer at least seven times before they will take action or purchase your product or service.

Remarketing and PPC Retargeting

Remarketing is the shortcut to creating these 7+ touch points; but not with just anyone. With Epic’s remarketing services your ads target potential customers who have been carefully and analytically segmented and selected.

How Can I Use Remarketing?

The digital landscape offers your company a dynamic way to get in front of the right people, at the right time with the right message. Digital remarketing allows you to learn about your consumer and then market to them accordingly all while leaving the inefficiencies of traditional marketing behind.

Returning visitors drastically outperform their newer counterparts. On average, new visitors spend approximately 2 minutes and 31 seconds on-site compared to 5 minutes and 31 seconds for returning visitors. Creating that second opportunity for users not only means more time on-site, but more conversions and customers.

Remarketing Based on Product Viewed

Both Facebook and Google allow you to remarket based on the specific product someone viewed. Instead of seeing a generic ad telling people to come back to your site, you can show people the exact product they were considering. Imagine how powerful an ad could be if it not only showed the specific item someone wanted, but said something along the lines of “Need help making up your mind about Product ABC? Use this promo code for xx% percent off.”

Remarketing Based on Shopping Cart Abandonment

Approximately 70% of digital shopping carts are abandoned by their online shoppers. Remarketing allows you to digitally remind your customer that it’s time to complete their order and check out!

Remarketing Based on Webpages Visited

Remarketing Based on Webpages Visited
In most cases, you can see where people are in your sales funnel based on which pages they have visited and how many they have visited. Chances are, if your consumer was looking at a contact us or a check out page, they are a great candidate for remarketing.

Remarketing Based on Device & OS

Although there are countless ways to segment your audience, it’s typical that your audience will either perform better on mobile or desktop. Once you’ve determined which platform your audience converts on most, you can further segment your audience based on which operating system or platform they use.

Google Display Network

Remarketing with the Google Display Network means reopening a digital conversation with those who have:

  • Visited your website
  • Opened your email
  • Used your mobile app
  • Watched one of your YouTube

With the Google Display Network reaching 90% of internet users worldwide (65% of them daily) it’s very rare that you cannot reach your intended audience. Google’s Display Network also enables its advertiser to be versatile and precise. Here are just a few ways Google makes remarketing an agile marketing solution:

Time of Day Segmentation

Your product or service is likely to be a better fit for the early riser or the night owl, or maybe for someone who is only browsing the web at a certain time of day. Regardless, time-based remarketing comes as an impactful segmenting tool for numerous industries.

Frequency Segmenting

Deciding on frequency parameters is one of the first steps to planning your campaign. Google lets you be as persistent or as mild as you please. If you want your ad to shown to the same person seven times or a thousand times, either is possible.

Social Media Based Remarketing

Social media activity accounts for 30% of internet usage time worldwide; and this number is only increasing. Since 2008, the percentage of adults in the US who have at least one profile on a social network has increased from 24% to 78%. Remarketing on social platforms allows you to tap into this massive and rapidly growing audience.

Imagine being able to reach people who added an item to their shopping cart but never checked out. Or someone who bought the old version of your product and hasn’t been back to your site since the release of your latest version. Further, you can segment your audience into users who have visited certain pages, who have visited some pages but not others, or by how much time they did or did not spend on your site.

The combinations of how you can segment and target your audience makes remarketing a versatile advertising solution for almost any business. Even when you’re working with a minimal budget, remarketing is always a viable means of getting your message in front of the right person at the right time.

What We’ll Tell you About PPC That Other Agencies Won’t

There’s no special sauce and there’s nothing but water in the water cooler. We attend all the same conferences as our competitors and stay current with all the same certifications.

But make no mistake about it, not all PPC management services are created equal. Many PPC professionals can define quality score for you or explain the different match types and when to use each one. A lot of them carefully set up their campaigns and generally follow industry best practices. What separates the adequate from the great is what happens once the campaign is up and running. How often is it being looked at? What changes are being made and more importantly how is the decision to make changes reached?

The Epic Marketing difference, doesn’t come from our audits, or an exclusive specialization in AdWords (although we are pretty good). Instead, it’s in how meticulously we create your campaigns and how closely we monitor and adjust them. Here’s how we approach your pay-per-click marketing efforts.

Profitability Is a Benchmark, Not a Finish Line.

It’s tempting and all too easy for a PPC specialist to put your account on the backburner once they’ve managed to get your campaign profitable. After all, they’re achieving a desirable ROI, isn’t that what they set out to do? Perhaps, but you don’t hire a professional to do their job at an amateur level. This is why we use profitability as a benchmark.

Once your campaign is generating leads and creating ROI, we have access to even more data that enables us to further enhance campaign performance. This allows us to constantly monitor, adjust, optimize your campaigns and ultimately decrease the cost per conversion and increase ROI and ROAS (Return On Ad Spend.)

Biweekly or Weekly Audits and Optimizations

Simply put, large PPC budgets create large amounts of data. The larger the data pool, the more information we have to make calculated decisions and positively affect your account. The more information we have the more often we can be in your account making meaningful, data-driven changes.

This is why our PPC team will monitor your account, analyze the data, and make optimizations at least once a week. The more an account spends or the cheaper the cost per click, the faster we collect data. The faster we can collect the data the sooner we can make data-driven optimizations. We don’t make changes just to make changes, we let the numbers guide us. Pushing clients to the back burner, even if they’re performing well, is simply not what we do.

Focus on Quality of Work, Not Quantity of Clients

Both Google Ads and Bing Ads have the option to automate many elements of a campaign. Although we recognize that automation has its place, we prefer to work alongside it rather than give it free reign because it makes our lives easier. Some agencies use automation strictly because it frees up their schedule and gives them more time to work with new clients.

One problem with relying solely on automation is that Google and Bing don’t have your best interest in mind. They make money when someone clicks on your ad, not when you make a sale or get a lead. If you used all of their “recommended” settings you would get a lot of clicks and spend a lot of money, but you wouldn’t necessarily reach your goals. We believe (and have data to prove) that the best way to help your business succeed in the digital sphere is to focus on the quality of work we perform instead of focusing on quantity of clients.

Advertising Platforms We Specialize In

Obviously, we’ve spoken at length about Google AdWords and Bing ads, but that’s just the tip of the PPC iceberg. Along with traditional search engine ads, we also have expertise in the following:

Image Based Display Ads

Our PPC and graphic design teams work together to create display ads that contain three vital elements:

  • Brand Consistency. More important than flashy or attractive, the ad should replicate the look and feel of the site they are about to land on.
  • Optimized for Conversion. Whether it be A/B testing or market research, we’re interested in finding imagery and messaging that not only generates clicks, but conversions as well.
  • High-Quality Aesthetic. Design, even for ads, is an art of passion. No attention to detail is spared in the creation process. If it is (quite literally) going to be on “display”, we’re going to make sure it’s work you can be proud of.

Google and Bing Shopping Ads

Shopping ads are built for conversion. Shopping ads require an image and a price which takes away any element of surprise for your clicker. Your audience can “window shop” your product and you’re only charged when they click.

Because they can immediately see the most important information about your product, (e.g. what it is, what it looks like, and how much it costs) shopping ads generally have much higher conversion rates. If you sell a physical product through your website and are not running shopping ads you are likely leaving money on the table your competitors will gladly take.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads
With over 1.86 billion active users, it’s no wonder that many companies view Facebook ads as a crucial part of their PPC marketing plan. Facebook’s options for PPC are both extensive and effective.

No social platform is more informed about their users psychographic and demographic information than Facebook. When you advertise with Facebook, you receive access to one of the world’s most comprehensive informational advertising databases. This allows you to segment your audience, through hundreds of different variables and in a very precise and granular manner.

Instagram Ads

Thanks to Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram, all Instagram ad campaigns are created and managed through Facebook’s Ad Manager. This means creating an audience with the same levels of granularity as Facebook but perhaps at a better price. The average CPM (cost per thousand impressions) of an Instagram ad on mobile is 19¢ less than Facebook.

Instagram also dedicates more pixel space to its advertisers than any other platform. Users are forced to scroll past your ad or engage with it. So whether the goal of your ad campaign is to drive people to your website, return them to their abandoned shopping cart or simply to provide them with a branding experience, Instagram ads comes as a highly versatile solution to meet the needs of your business.

Twitter Ads

With some unique intricacies, Twitter allows you to create a custom audience based on who users follow, how many followers people have, etc. If you’re selling Air Jordan shoes, who better to target than those who follow the verified Air Jordan’s account? No other medium makes creating or borrowing an audience more simple.

YouTube Ads

Skippable pre-roll ads on YouTube were created to facilitate a win-win for both the audience and the advertiser. If your consumer is watching a one minute video, YouTube bills the advertiser when the consumer finishes your ad or watches at least 30 seconds. These ads are designed so that users can watch ads that they feel are applicable to them and businesses only get charged for impressions they can be assured are quality.

YouTube brings an affordable audio visual solution to businesses like yours. YouTube ads look to educate and create a meaningful and impactful touchpoint with potential customers.

LinkedIn Ads

Growing from 37,000 members in 2009 to approximately half a million today, LinkedIn has swiftly established itself as the best advertising medium in the B2B community. Never before have businesses been able to avoid gatekeepers, and streamline their communication directly to decision makers so efficiently and at such a low cost.


What if you could place your ad in front of people shopping your competition? What if you could show your ads across multiple devices based on location or handset ID? What if you could isolate your ads by specific target audience? What if you could know how many of the people shown your ads actually walked into your business?

With Epic Hypertageting you can.
Epic Marketing puts your ad in front of the right customers at the exact time they’re in the buying mindset. Hypertargeting is the most advanced mobile advertising technology available. Hypertargeting bridges the gap between online and offline marketing by linking data from the physical world with the digital world.

Our turn-key solution offers 5 options for all your location-based marketing needs, such as Geofencing, Georetargeting, Geoaudience, Geovideo, and IP Targeting.


Lets you select a target zone around your competitor’s location or any other geographic location, once the fence is set we can start serving up your ads on the smartphones of people who walk into that location.

Target Your Ideal Mobile User

With access to hyper accurate Geofencing via billions of location-aware data points. Our Geotargeting capabilities enable you to deepen your engagement with mobile consumers and serve the right ad to the right person at the right time and place.

  • Leverages opt-in location data to target specific mobile users.
  • Based on actual location history and data.
  • Targeted campaigns can go live in a matter of hours.

It’s a win-win: consumers see ads that are relevant and more engaging and advertisers can reach their true target audience to drive uplift in store traffic.


Targets users who have already been in a fenced location and re-engages them across all mobile advertising platforms. Ads are delivered to potential customers based on their past locations and behavior, like visits made to your competitors showroom, parts counter or service department. Most effective at keeping your users in the buy funnel and increasing your brand awareness.

Typically, sites only convert 1% of their first time visitors. Georetargeting is the most effective means to make sure your message is relevant and timely based on their behavior after visiting your website.

Benefits of Georetargeting:

  • Keep potential clients in your buying cycle.
  • Target key consumers based on historical data.
  • Expands reach to your audience.
  • Extend your messaging across multiple screens.
  • Can be customized to track visits to specific places, as well as categories of places.


Let’s you deliver ads to potential customers based on the mobile users data such as their household and demographic profile. Custom Geoaudience segments available such as:

  • Auto owners and frequent shoppers
  • Recreational vehicles owners and frequent shoppers
  • Business Travelers
  • Vacation Travelers
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Outdoor Enthusiasts Sports Enthusiasts
  • Music and Movie Enthusiasts
  • Latest Cultural Generations

This form of advertising also allows your business to laser in on your audience by reaching specific demographic groups, including Marital Status, Race, Age, Income, Homeowners, with Children in Home, and More.


Use the Power of the Internet, Data and Video to get your Message in front of the right audience. Epic Digital can deliver rich media and video ads to your most-likely prospects based on their specific location. Imagine a special promotion video plays when your new customer drives away.

You can extend your video on all screens. With Video it’s interactive and willing viewership. With Video you get better messaging retention. With video you get better engagement. Get started today!

  • Post-Roll Video
  • Location Based Advertising Targeting
  • IP Targeting
  • Desktop & Mobile
  • Demographic Targeting
  • Geographic Targeting
  • Content Targeting
  • Transparent Reporting
  • Extend Your Video Message Beyond the Local TV Station
  • Take Advantage of Low CPM’s than Television

Benefits of Geovideo:

  • 1/3 of all online activity is spent watching video.
  • 26% of users look for more information after viewing a video ad online.
  • 90% of users think productive videos are helpful during the purchase process.
  • 80% of users remember video ads watched online.

Benefits of Demographic Targeting:

  • Allows your business to target a specific set of customers who are more likely to be qualified for your products and services.
  • Narrows your targeting with less “wasted” impressions.

IP Targeting

If you have your own list or custom targeting criteria, we can deliver ads to IP addresses based on the physical address. We’ll help you define the best audience for your business and optimize your campaign for the best results.

Target specific individuals, groups and locations via ital banner and display advertising, examples:

  • Airports
  • CEOs
  • Hotels
  • Military Bases
  • Political Affiliation
  • Campuses
  • Concerts
  • Tradeshows
  • RV Shows

Benefits of IP Targeting:

  • The click-through rate for IP Targeting ads are 3 times the average for traditional online ads.
  • Its 60 times more effective than standard-delivery display ads.
  • And it’s 50 times more targeted than television.

Foot Traffic Attribution

Through our proprietary technology, Epic Marketing can quantify the impact of your hypertargeting by connecting people who have viewed your ads at a competitor’s location, to people who visit your location. Knowing this data will help you determine cost per visit, and the uplift hypertargeting gives to your store visits.

Foot Traffic Attribution connects ad exposure to real world behavior to quantify the impact of digital and out‑of‑home advertising on in‑store visits. Using direct measurement, Foot Traffic Attribution replaces imperfect methodologies that utilize surveys and ad‑ based matching solutions. Offline attribution is no longer an art; with Foot Traffic, it’s a science.

  • Audience Visits to Store Location
  • Audience Exposure to Mobile Campaigns
  • Lift In-Store Visits

Benefits of Foot Traffic Attribution:

  • Measurement based on our 1 terabyte of data points from over 45 Million active users, with 200 Billion new data points & millions of new devices added monthly.
  • Proprietary technology platform that delivers the industry’s highest level of accuracy & precision in physical world data.
  • Measurement of incremental lift in store visits using matched control & exposed audience groups for the most accurate ROI attribution.
  • Comprehensive data from multiple platforms provides effective measurement across mobile, online & offline channels.


How accurate is Hypertargeting?

We have the ability to target a location down to 30 feet. We also use a feature called “recency” to target users immediately when they enter the Target Zone and for up to 30 days after they’ve left, and anytime in between. We will help you determine the best targeting zones for the greatest potential of reaching your ideal potential customers and the best offer or ad to get optimal results from your campaign.

What is a conversion?

That means that we can track where consumers go, shop, and what they do. As a result, we can deliver to them relevant, real-time ads to their mobile device. A conversion is when a person who viewed your ads at a competitor’s location, and the person visits your location.

How do you track conversions?

Hypertargeting allows you to not only get your ads in front of potential customers based on their location, but also tracks the customers who see your ad and visit your business. When you set up your campaign, your own location will be labeled as the Conversion Zone for tracking conversions from your ads.

How much does it cost?

Hypertargeting campaigns operate under a CPM model, where based on the budget there is a specific amount of targeted ads displayed to a core audience. There are a number of variables that influence the recommended budget. Epic will analyze your needs, audience and options and create a customized proposal that will get you the best bang for your buck.

Let Epic HyperTarget Your Customers

Located in Draper (20 miles south of Salt Lake City), Utah, Epic Marketing is a full-service marketing agency that specializes in PPC. Get in touch to have our PPC team perform a brief audit and look at your PPC campaigns for issues and improvement opportunities.

Let Epic Manage Your PPC

Located in Draper (20 miles south of Salt Lake City), Utah, Epic Marketing is a full-service marketing agency that specializes in PPC. Get in touch to have our PPC team perform a brief audit and look at your PPC campaigns for issues and improvement opportunities.