How many words are people using when asking an RV/ Motorhome related question?

Marketing Take Away:

In your blog posts or your FAQ page, write the consumers question like they search it on Google.

Example: What Is a Class B Motorhome?

Depending on the subject matter, keeping your headings 5-6 words long will best optimize your content for greater search engine ranking potential.

How are people likely to ask their RV related question?

Marketing Take Away:

Approximately 70% of all RV related questions that we analyzed are prefaced with “how” “what” or “where.”

Optimizing content for these keywords could potentially lead to an increase in search traffic.

Which Variation of RV are people most likely to search?

Marketing Take Away:

Optimizing content for “RV” related questions and search queries in some cases may be more competitive, but they are certainly more plentiful.

What kind of Question is an RV searcher likely to pose?

Transactional – Here the user wants to get to a website where there will be more interaction, e.g. buying something, downloading something, signing up or registering etc.

Informational – This is when the user is looking for a specific bit of information.

Navigational – The user is looking to reach a particular website, place or brand. These searches are often conducted looking for very specific pieces of information and sometimes are only satisfied by one site.

Marketing Take Away:

While informational questions are searched in much greater volume, transactional questions will ultimately be what will get people into your dealership making purchases.  We’ve decided to share with you all 351 transactional questions.

Top 50 Most Searched Questions


50 Most Difficult RV Questions to Rank for

50 Most Pricey RV Questions To Pay for In Adwords

(CPC data from Ahrefs)



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