Top 10 Highest Search Volume for RV Keywords

Most of these keywords are the Goliaths of the RV and Motorhome industry. You’re likely going to need an SEO strategy larger than David’s in order to rank for these keywords.

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Top 10 Most Difficult Keywords to Rank For

These keywords are your bad eggs. Regardless of how advantageous you SEO strategy may be, these are the RV keywords that you will have the most trouble ranking for on a national or interstate level.

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Top 10 Most Expensive Keywords to Purchase

Luckily, these big-ticket keywords are fairly arbitrary to the standard RV dealership. If you are currently in or looking at getting into the warranty or financial service business, we found that Google will charge you a pretty penny for ad placement for these keywords.

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Top 30 High Volume Long Tail Keywords With Low Ranking Difficulty

Long tail keywords are key phrases that are typically three to seven words long. Long tail keywords are worth their weight in gold because the searcher is looking for something very specific and is usually looking to purchase. Finding long tail keywords with high search volume is the hard part, the easy part is optimizing for these keywords where they’re relevant.

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Top 30 Highest Quality RV Keywords

This is your money keyword list. We crafted this list by taking 4 important elements into account:

Search volume: at least 4000 Monthly searches
This metric indicates potential click through

Keyword Difficulty: Must be below 20
This metric estimates how difficult it will be to rank for the associated keyword

PPC Suggested Bid: Must be $1 or more
A high PPC bid suggests the keyword brings converting visitors

Must be relevant for RV Resellers

We wanted to create this list because of its healthy balance: these keywords are both glamorous and practical. In an effort to find “the best” keywords for RV dealers, our research led us to these sustainable keyword gems.


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Download the complete list of keywords here.

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