A common question we at Epic Marketing get as another holiday season approaches is, “Should I advertise around a holiday?” As with most questions we face, there are varied opinions in the market, and this may be due to the fact that many of the scattered voices come with their own angle and each industry is unique. If you are a Christmas tree lot, then you definitely should advertise. But what about a home improvement company? Or a law firm? Medical office? In most cases, the correct decision is far more vague. Most owners know their own industry, but look to others for marketing advice. How do you choose whom to listen to? What’s best for your business?

Last year, we had a client who was thinking about not advertising during the holidays because of previous experience and advice from others. We recommended a marketing plan based on our other similar clients and our history in the area. They took our advice and received over 200 calls during the 4 weeks that they would’ve taken off, if they had followed the advice from others. Each one of these calls was a potential customer that would have been missed and potentially lost to competitors.

Another aspect commonly overlooked is that many of the potential customers that may be generated during a holiday period will translate into actual business after the holiday. No one wants to come back to work after the holidays and have no patients/prospects to work with. Advertising is the lifeblood for many industries we work with. If you slow the flow, you in turn slow your future business.

If your business is service-oriented, how do you provide a strong offer at a time of year when people are clamoring for the doorbuster deals? Here are a few ideas:

  • End-of-year specials
  • Valued customer offers
  • Come back offer to former clients
  • Referral programs

At Epic Marketing, we make recommendations based on our experience. We have handled thousands of different campaigns in virtually every major market in the country. It is not enough to just have a strong product or service—you need to know your audience, craft the right message and deliver it via the proper channels. A properly timed, placed and developed campaign during the holidays can achieve strong results for almost any business.

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