Jarom Higley

Senior Web Developer


Jarom graduated cum laude from Brigham Young University in Information System and has traveled the world dedicating his skills to building custom websites. With just over 10 years of experience, Jarom is proficient both as a front end and back end developer, knowledgeable in CSS3, HTML, PHP, AJAX, JavaScript, Git, SASS, Bootstrap, MySQL and more.


Jarom loves spending time with his wife and five kids. They play the Xbox, fly kites in the park, have nerf wars and more as a family. He reads the news every day for about an hour, and then calms back down with a good fantasy novel, preferably by his favorite author, Brandon Sanderson. He collect board games (he has more than a hundred in his collection), and often invites family and friends over for a game night. He's working on manufacturing his own card game on Kickstarter with a few friends. He can also tell a few funny jokes that he's learned over the years.