Josh Yamamoto

Art Director


Josh Yamamoto graduated from The University of Utah with a BFA in Graphic Design and Illustration. Currently serving as Art Director, he brings his skills and talents to problem solve the clients’ needs in a uniquely refreshing fashion. With his sketchbook permanently attached to his side, he is constantly taking notes in visual form and pushes the design envelope with fierce attention to detail bordering on clinical OCD. Josh has also served on the board of the Salt Lake chapter of the AIGA.


Having been born in Toronto, Canada, Josh fulfills the diversity quota required here at Epic. Weaving his way down to Salt Lake, Josh has made the Wasatch Mountain Range his home for the past 20 years where he avidly boards and skis during the winter and takes advantage of the close proximity of the Red Rocks during the summer. Josh’s latest addition to his household is a rescued Shepherd/American Boxer mix by the name of Keita.