Maxwell Pond

SEO Manager


As a young professional, Max has found a home in agency life. After studying public relations at Brigham Young University Max came to Epic with ambition and a wealth of digital and SEO expertise. Max’s search optimization background consists mostly of helping enterprise level clients and tech startups. While Max may specialize in SEO, he’s definitely no one trick pony. The end result of Max’s work is a custom digital strategy unique to needs of the industry’s digital landscape. Then comes the execution and increased bottom-line results.

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Max is a Utah transplant, from Palos Verdes California and will most likely live here forever because of how amazing the traffic is here (compared to LA). Besides implicitly mentioning that he hates traffic, Max can be found playing and practicing the drums. Max also thinks you should know that he really is grateful for cars. He is so glad he does not have to walk to all the places he drives, it’s just that traffic in LA is really bad. Max does have other things about him that are interesting however he’d like to dedicate the rest of this space to talking about how awesome it is that we don’t have to run to work or bike like 400 miles if we want to visit a relative that’s in Colorado… Man, that would be awful. Thank heavens for cars. Can Max get an amen!?