Nick White



Nick has spent his entire career in the sales arena where he has developed a deep understanding of human behavior. This perspective has helped him excel in communication and marketing. His talent is broad-reaching, which has enabled him to create an agency that is unique and highly sought after. As the CEO of Epic Marketing, Nick is the energy and driving force that gives the agency shape. His vision promotes confidence and attracts some of the best talent in the agency world. Nick understands every facet of marketing and works very closely with each department within Epic Marketing to ensure that the quality of work is exceptional.


Nick grew up in California and eventually moved to Utah where he traded the beach for a snowboard and the amazing scenery that Utah has to offer. He is a family man and spends a lot of time with his amazing wife and 4 children. When he is not with his family, he is riding his motorcycle, playing basketball, golfing, reading or at the gym. It is safe to say that he enjoys doing just about everything.