Scott Hendrix

Account Manager


Scott has graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in strategic communication and has worked in account management for nine years. He specializes in launching new brands and has a long track record of taking existing brands to the next level. Growing up, Scott worked for his family’s fishing/outdoors business. For years he learned about hard work and ethics straight from one of his idols- his father.


Scott grew up in Fallon Nevada and spent his childhood doing anything and everything outdoors. He moved to Utah to attend college and met his wife Heather during their first week at UVU. They have a vibrant young daughter who has Scott’s sense of humor and Heather’s eyes.

Scott enjoys spending time with family, golfing, snowboarding, reading (aka listening to books on Audible), and watching movies- especially ones based on true stories. He enjoys watching sports but these days finds himself rooting for ‘big games’ more than specific teams. Over the last three years he has taken a great interest in learning ornamental penmanship and calligraphy.