If you’re like most doctors, you’re always trying to see more patients—help more people and make more money. That’s the goal. So what is the best way to attract new quality patients into your clinic? How can you make that process simple and cost efficient? Well, one way is let someone capable handle your marketing efforts, making sure that the return on your investment is optimal. Do you have those people on staff already? If not, you might have a difficult time making the most of your marketing budget.

A few questions to ask yourself:

  • What is a patient worth to you (average case fee)?
  • If a patient is worth $4,000 to you, how much would you spend to get a new patient? $400? What if you could lower that to just $50?
  • Do you ever wonder if what you’re spending in marketing is getting you the results and new patients you are looking for?
  • Are your ads running frequently enough?
  • Are you trying different advertising mediums?
  • Whether you attempt to do this yourself in-office, or hire a company like Epic Marketing, implementing these practices will make a great difference in the long run. Don’t feel overwhelmed with all of the marketing jargon–there are many best practices you can implement yourself!

A few things you can do on your own:

1. Create social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

2. Post advertisements on Facebook (if that reaches your target demographic)

3. Record a YouTube video of the doctor speaking on a particular topic (this will help you appear in search results, as well as build credibility). A video can be a good way for the doctor to build rapport with the patient before they’ve decided on which specialist to trust, and who to make an appointment with).

4. Creating a customer reactivation program (we suggest e-blasts, postcards, referral incentives, discounts, etc. But, focus on the patients you’ve already seen! Not just getting new patients to come in.)

5. Doctor referral program

6. Google AdWords and pay-per-click advertisements

Epic takes the guesswork out of marketing by incorporating fundamental elements of research and tracking, so you see exactly where every marketing dollar is spent and how every bit of it contributes to your bottom line. And if you didn’t know already, Epic Marketing has found a very successful niche in working with pain treatment centers. Every marketing campaign strategy has been tried and tested, and we know exactly what’s going to make your clinic successful. Call us–we’d be happy to tell you how we’ve doubled profit for many of our clinics.