When thinking of a popular brand logo, you may think of the McDonalds “M” or the Apple icon. Although logos help unify a brand across all media platforms, companies are catering towards a more international audience by removing their typography and leaving just their logo mark.  Corporate logos are continuously evolving to become simpler and flatter in order to appeal to the masses.

One major corporation that has abandoned typography and labels is Coca Cola. The soda giant has scrapped the iconic cursive letter from select batches of its products, leaving only the white ribbon and a specified message, “Labels are for cans not people.” Although the logo may be gone, it’s still easy to identify the can as Coke due to their global brand awareness. Their new minimalist design is aimed at drawing attention to worldwide prejudice by removing labels. We all have different cultural backgrounds and experiences that can affect our perception. Coke’s global campaign invites people of all cultures to banish stereotypes and preconceptions.

International Brand Recognition

A major benefit with eliminating a dominant English typographic logo is appealing to a global market while increasing brand recognition. In addition, visual elements speak louder than words. A logo can help define a company and create a brand loyalty, which will resonate with your customer base for years on end. Through the simplicity of a design without typography, we have the ability to unify cultures and consumer perceptions.