Great copy can't be faked. So we write persuasive arguments, interesting ads, and taglines that are anthems. And it’s all delivered with just the right amount of style. It’s work that elevates your brand to something just a bit bigger than your product—and gets people excited about what you’re doing.

Copy that’s clean, creative—and converts

Our experienced in-house copywriters know how to use the right words to make your business stand out. Working closely with each client, we capture their unique voice, define their value proposition, and help them establish trust with their customers. Whether it’s a blog post, a Facebook ad, or an entire website, we create well-crafted copy that gets your message across and brings results.

Here at Epic, we walk your talk. Our copywriters start with extensive research into your company, product, and entire industry until we’re practically experts. Taking into consideration your target demographic, brand tone, and overall business goals, we write copy that blends with your own voice while also standing out to your audience.

Our Copy Services


Search Engine Optimized Content

Today, SEO isn’t an option—it’s a necessity. Your business could put out the most helpful, carefully-crafted content. But if Google can’t find it, it doesn’t exist to your customers. Our copy is delicately laced with high-performing keywords and optimized to help your landing page, website, or article rise in the search engine ranks.

Website Copy

Looking to refresh your company’s site to reflect a strategy pivot, include new products, or add some much-needed SEO value? We can write pages that not only educate potential customers, but that also organically lead them to a CTA and help you stand out from other sites. Whether your website has been live for years, or is brand new—but still full of Lorem Ipsum—our team writes content that converts.

Creative Scripts

Scripts are the blueprint for any high-performing video. By weaving in key messaging points and strategic storytelling alongside quality videography, we’ll create a commercial or video that people can’t look away from. Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness, promote your product, or educate your customers, we can create a script that hooks viewers within the first few seconds.

Social Media Messaging

You need to develop a relationship with your audience before they’ll trust you enough to become customers. Our copywriters know how to cut out the fluff while still creating trustworthy, helpful content that makes people hit that follow button. With precise and engaging language in your company voice, we’ll create organic and paid social posts that inform and interest viewers enough that they’ll become a loyal audience and a paying customer.

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Blog Posts

Every website can benefit from a blog. It’s where you can put helpful articles, industry updates, and stories that show off your business’s personality. Let us help you flesh out your site with a library of content that shows readers you’re an authority figure in your field, while also improving your SEO rank in the process.

Our copywriters can also write blog posts for you that live on other industry-related sites. These articles will link back to your own informative posts, giving your SEO a well-deserved boost. In collaboration with our outreach and SEO specialists, we’ll craft strong articles that, once published, will help you rank for coveted keywords in your field and help you rise to the top of the SERPs.


Content Marketing

Putting out a half-baked blog post every other quarter doesn’t cut it these days. Your business needs a content marketing strategy to direct your media creation efforts and show your customers (and competitors) you’re an expert in the industry. We’ll help you figure out what channels you should be on, formats you should explore, and content that will help you reach your business goals.