Create Urgency in Your Message

urgent marketing messages

There are several things that your advertising should convey in order to maximize its effectiveness. Creating urgency is one of the important ones.

If you are like most good businesses you have a great product or service but struggle getting people to actually pick up the phone and call? You might need some help in creating a little urgency or exclusivity in your advertising message.

Think of somebody you know who makes a purchase just because something is on sale. Or perhaps it was the last one available so they just had to buy it. Maybe you’ve even purchased something just because it was a good deal that you couldn’t pass up.

The fact is that most everyone acts with this behavior at some point. For some, they end up acting on the deal whether they actually need it or not, but for others, it was just what they needed to hear to get them to take action on a product or service they really needed.

The trick is finding the right context and message to generate this type of feeling from a prospective customer. An urgent message on its own isn’t as nearly effective as one that is used in the proper context the clearly shows how your product or service will affect your prospect. It’s important that your message connects emotionally with them and shows the potential benefits or downfalls of responding to or ignoring their challenges – not just an offer you’re trying to get them to act on.

When it comes to using urgent language in your contextual message, this can be done in number of different way. Most messages with a sense of urgency have to do with limited supply or exclusivity qualifications.

Things like:

  • First 20 people only
  • While supplies last
  • Call to see if you qualify
  • 80% off this week only
  • Call us for this special offer
  • Only for serious buyers

Our marketing firm specialized in connecting with people in a why that creates emotion and a desire to buy products and services. Keep these tips in mind the next time you are thinking about what you want to say on your next advertisement.

Can all help to add urgency to your message. If your ads could use some help with connecting with prospects while using a sense of urgency, we can help. Contact Epic Marketing today to find out about our ad creation services.

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