Profitability Is a Benchmark, Not a Finish Line.

It’s tempting and all too easy for a PPC specialist to put your account on the backburner once they’ve managed to get your campaign profitable. After all, they’re achieving a desirable ROI, isn’t that what they set out to do? Perhaps, but you don’t hire a professional to do their job at an amateur level. This is why we use profitability as a benchmark.

Once your campaign is generating leads and creating  ROI, we have access to even more data that enables us to further enhance campaign performance. This allows us to constantly monitor, adjust, optimize your campaigns and ultimately decrease the cost per conversion and increase ROI and ROAS (Return On Ad Spend.)

Biweekly or Weekly Audits and Optimizations

Simply put, large PPC budgets create large amounts of data. The larger the data pool, the more information we have to make calculated decisions and positively affect your account. The more information we have the more often we can be in your account making meaningful, data-driven changes.

This is why our PPC team will monitor your account, analyze the data, and make optimizations at least once a week. The more an account spends or the cheaper the cost per click, the faster we collect data. The faster we can collect the data the sooner we can make data-driven optimizations. We don’t make changes just to make changes, we let the numbers guide us. Pushing clients to the back burner, even if they’re performing well, is simply not what we do.

Focus on Quality of Work, Not Quantity of Clients

Both Google Ads and Bing Ads have the option to automate many elements of a campaign. Although we recognize that automation has its place, we prefer to work alongside it rather than give it free reign because it makes our lives easier. Some agencies use automation strictly because it frees up their schedule and gives them more time to work with new clients.

One problem with relying solely on automation is that Google and Bing don’t have your best interest in mind. They make money when someone clicks on your ad, not when you make a sale or get a lead. If you used all of their “recommended” settings you would get a lot of clicks and spend a lot of money, but you wouldn’t necessarily reach your goals. We believe (and have data to prove) that the best way to help your business succeed in the digital sphere is to focus on the quality of work we perform instead of focusing on quantity of clients.

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Advertising Platforms We Specialize In

Obviously, we’ve spoken at length about Google AdWords and Bing ads, but that’s just the tip of the PPC iceberg. Along with traditional search engine ads, we also have expertise in the following:

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