Draper Email Marketing

Today’s email marketing landscape is about much more than sending out a cold email and crossing your fingers that someone engages. Here at Epic, we focus on two main pillars of email marketing: email automation and nurture/drip campaigns.

Our Utah email marketing specialists at Epic will nurture every lead from simply being a curious observer, all the way to a loyal and—dare we say it—repeat customer. And by automating nonessential tasks, we’ll help you scale your business efficiently. Let us help you get down to the real business of improving sales rep efficiency, nurturing existing leads, and getting those leads to finally convert.

Increase Sales Right From Their Inbox

Email is a staple in any solid marketing and business growth strategy. With email marketing, you have a direct line to your customer—so use it wisely. Epic’s email campaigns are built upon the foundational idea of gaining leads, increasing ROI, and generating sales. With total control over how the viewer experiences your business and overall brand, we bring your potential customers across the finish line.

Nurturing Leads Throughout Your Customer’s Journey

We get it. Not everyone is ready to click “buy” right when they discover your product. It may take a while to build up a trusting relationship, but if you play your cards right and put in some TLC, you’ll create a loyal customer. Our team only delivers high-quality and helpful content—ensuring customers never feel spammed—making it easy for them to hit that buy button.

Types of Services

A/B Testing

The era of “clicking send and hoping someone opens your email” is (thankfully) no more. Today, our email marketers test everything. And we mean everything. We A/B test each part of a campaign to make sure we’re sending out content, design, and messaging that resonates with your target audience across Draper and gets them engaging with the product in their inbox.

Sales Outreach Automation

Just because you may have a small sales team doesn’t mean you can’t compete with the big dogs. Let us help you automate your prospecting and outreach process so your sales reps can focus on the highest value-added tasks.

Nurture Campaigns

Looking to warm up your cold leads and keep your current customers engaged and become repeat customers? We’ll keep them toasty for you. Our team will work with you to develop, build, and scale your nurture campaigns—helping you achieve your goals without creating more work for you or your sales team. We’ll create custom workflows that will smoothly guide your leads through the buying process, and give you peace of mind that your leads are being automatically nurtured.

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Hyper-Targeted Content

It’s increasingly difficult to stand out in someone’s inbox. You need to make sure your email campaign has content your customer needs. Our email specialists and copywriters will write content that inspires, helps, and educates your customer, while also giving them a clear CTA. Alongside a team of designers, photographers, and developers, our full-service team will create a personalized email experience that will make your Ogden customer want to click every time.

Email Template Design

As a full-service agency, we create every email template from scratch. Because high-quality and personalized template design is how you stand out from your competitors and keep your leads reading. Our in-house creative team will create a unique email template that will draw the viewer all the way through each element, and ultimately to your website.

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Helping Our Draper Neighbors

At Epic, we love working with businesses right here in our own Draper community to get them off the ground and thriving.

All Star Bowlinghas become a hub in Draper for people who want to grab some good food, hang out with friends, and play fun games. As a full-service agency, we brought together our own all-star team of designers, writers, and marketers to create beautiful email campaigns for our client. With our design and email marketing savvy, we helped them connect with more customers and bring more people to their business.

Let Epic Bring Your Leads Over The Finish Line

Located right here in Draper, Utah, Epic Marketing is a full-service marketing agency that specializes in turning leads into customers through email marketing. Get in touch to learn more about how our email marketing specialists can create campaigns for your Draper company that turn into conversions.