Email marketing has come a long way from the early days of cold email campaigns. We focus on two areas of email marketing: sales email automation and nurture/drip campaigns to drive new business and help you scale through automation.

At Epic, our email marketing specialists can nurture your lead from the curious potential buyer stage, all the way to a satisfied and loyal customer. Let’s automate nonessential tasks, get an end-to-end acquisition service working for you, and make sure you can scale efficiently. Let your team get down to the real business of improving sales rep efficiency, nurturing existing leads, and increasing conversions.

Unmatched ROI Delivered Right to Their Inbox

Email isn’t going anywhere anytime soon—which means email marketing needs to find a place in your larger marketing and growth strategy. Our email campaigns are all built into a larger strategy of getting leads down the funnel and increasing ROI. With total control over the communication channel, you can bring your brand and experience directly to your leads’ inbox and nudge them over the finish line.

Lead Nurture Through the Customer Journey

Not every lead is ready to buy your product at the exact moment they find you. They need some personalized TLC to build a trusting relationship with your business. By sending out only high-quality and helpful content, our email marketing targets (and re-targets) your leads throughout every part of the customer journey—all without leaving a spammy taste in their mouth.

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A/B Testing

The strategy of clicking send and hoping someone opens your email is long gone. We A/B test every part of a campaign to see what content, design, and messaging resonates with and engages best with your audience.

Sales Outreach Automation

Get your sales reps focused on the highest value-added tasks and automate the rest. We help companies build and scale their sales programs by automating the prospecting and outreach process. That way, even the smallest sales team can compete with the big dogs.

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Nurture Campaigns

Whether you’re looking to warm up cold leads or keep your current customers engaged to increase repeat business, Epic works with companies to concept, build, and scale nurture campaigns to help you achieve your business goals without scaling your work.

Our specialists will create a custom workflow that will guide your leads through the buying process and get them to the bottom of the funnel. That way, you can rest easy knowing those leads are being nurtured automatically.

Hyper-Targeted Content

Email campaigns that fail to inspire, help, or educate will never be able to compete in your customer’s already overflowing inbox. Our email specialists and copywriters create targeted content that gives the viewer clear and engaging messaging. Combined with our team of photographers, designers, videographers, and developers, we know how to create personalized email experiences that lead directly to action.

Email Template Design

Quality template design for your email campaigns will draw your leads down the page and increase click-through rates to your site. As a full-service agency, we work closely with our designers, photographers, and developers to create email templates that draw readers through each element and your CTA.