Let’s automate nonessential tasks, get an end-to-end acquisition service working for you, and make sure you can scale efficiently. So your team can get down to the real business of improving sales rep efficiency, nurturing existing leads, and increasing conversions.

Email marketing has come a long way from the early days of newsletter campaigns. We focus on two areas of email marketing: sales email automation and nurture/drip campaigns to drive new business and help you scale through automation.

Sales Outreach Automation

Get your sales reps focused on the highest value-added tasks and automate the rest. We help companies build and scale their sales programs by automating the prospecting and outreach process.

Nurture Campaigns

Whether you’re looking to warm up cold leads or keep your current customers engaged to increase repeat business, Epic works with companies to concept, build, and scale nurture campaigns to help you achieve your business goals without scaling your work.