Marketing Psychology 101: How to Get Inside the Mind of Your Target Market

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Getting inside the mind of your target market is not only wise, but necessary. Although your products may appeal to a large group, it’s in your best interest to focus on very specific targets. By focusing on a targeted audience, your efforts will provide a higher return on investment, increased conversions, and growth of your online presence.

Define your Target Audience

Clearly defining your target audience can help you overcome obstacles that may be harming your marketing efforts. The information you collect will make it easier to distinguish why customers buy from you.  Here are some tips to help define your target market.
• Understand your existing customers
• Research who your competitors are targeting
• Analyze your product or service
• Select specific demographics to target

Create Customer Profiles

Consider crafting customer profiles to keep up-to-date records about who your customers are and what they are purchasing. To get started, identify the demographic characteristics of your market, including age, location, gender, occupation, etc. To dig a bit deeper, identify psychographic criteria to highlight your target audiences interests, attitudes, behaviors, hobbies, and lifestyle preferences.  Gathering demographic and psychographic criteria will help guide your research and assist in achieving your specific business goals. Once you recognize and understand your customer base, your business’ likelihood of success will increase.

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