Draper Paid Ads

What We’ll Tell You
About PPC That
Other Agencies Won’t

Let us let you in on a little secret: there’s no special sauce. We attend all of the same conferences as our competitors and stay current with all the same certifications they do. But don’t be mistaken—not all paid ad services in Utah are created equal. What puts us over the top is what we do once your campaign is up and running. With meticulous attention and constant adjustments to your ads, we can help you outperform your competition and lower your cost-per-conversions until it’s hovering over the floor à la Mission Impossible.

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Search Ads


Chances are, there are already people searching for the exact services or product you’re offering—use search ads to spring to the top of their results page. These customers already have the intention to buy, they just need to discover your business. By bidding on keywords that searchers are already typing into Google, we can bring all of those ready-to-buy potential customers to your site.

Paid Social


If you want to reach new customers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or whatever new platform pops up next week, paid social ads are the way to go. Whether you want your social media ads to drive people to your site, bring them back to their abandoned shopping cart, or simply build brand awareness, paid social ads are a highly versatile solution for any business. Our data-driven paid social strategy let’s us target your potential Draper customers precisely and accurately, giving you the greatest ROI possible.

Display Ads


Websites that your target demographic visits are primed and ready for display ads. Through robust A/B testing and market research, we create imagery and messaging that not only generates clicks, but creates conversions as well. And since our paid ad specialists work closely with our top-notch designers, we make sure your ads are brand consistent, high-quality, and beautiful. Since your ads are (quite literally) going to be put on display, we’re going to make sure they’re something you can be proud of.



Just because your lead doesn’t convert into a sale right away, doesn’t mean they’re not worth retargeting later on. It takes leads at least seven times viewing your offer before they take action on your CTA or become a paying customer. Retargeting allows us to learn more about your consumer, and market them accordingly—while leaving the inefficiencies of traditional marketing behind. With the right channels and the right messaging, we can keep your Draper business at the top of their mind without stepping into the dangerous spammy zone other agencies swim in.


Profitability Is a Benchmark,
Not a Finish Line.

It’s easy for other agencies to put your account on the back burner once they’ve gotten your campaign profitable. Not us. We use profitability as a starting line. Once your campaign is generating leads and creating a stellar ROI, we’ll continue to monitor, adjust, and optimize your campaigns until we decrease the cost-per-conversion, and increase return on ad spend as much as possible.


Looking to see how your paid ad campaigns stack up? Give us a call to see how our digital team can improve your paid ads strategy for your Draper business.

Regular Audits
and Optimizations

Our team doesn’t make changes just for the sake of making changes—we let the data guide our decisions. The more an account spends on paid ads, the more data becomes available and the sooner we can use that information to optimize your ads and get you a killer ROI. At least once a week, we will monitor your account, analyze the data, and make crucial optimizations to keep your campaign running flawlessly.

Humans > Unnecessary Automation

When it comes to paid ads, we prefer to keep control of the reins instead of letting automation take over your campaign. Not to say automation doesn’t have a place in the paid ad sphere, we just want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your budget. Because Google and Bing don’t have your best interests in mind—they get paid when someone simply clicks on your ad, not when you make a sale or get a lead. You could be getting lots of clicks, but you wouldn’t necessarily be hitting your conversion goals. By having a real person controlling, analyzing, and optimizing your ads, you can rest easy knowing your paid ads are performing at optimal levels.

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Helping Our Draper Neighbors


As a born and bred Draper business, we go out of our way to help our local community and get new businesses off the ground and thriving. Our paid ad work with Draper-staple All Star Bowling helped bring more visitors to their site and more bodies to the bowling lanes. Using design and branding guidelines our creative team created, our paid ad designs matched the fun, casual vibe that All Star Bowling is all about. Give us a call to see how we can make beautiful, calculated paid ads for your Draper business.

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Let Epic Take Care of Your Paid Ad Campaigns


Located in Draper, Utah, Epic Marketing is a full-service marketing agency that specializes in paid ads. Get in touch to have our digital team perform a brief audit to see if your paid ad campaigns have any issues or improvement opportunities. Epic will analyze your needs, audience, and options to create a customized paid ads proposal to get you the best bang for your buck.