Repair Fragile Customer Relationships Affecting Your Bottom Line

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Your customer relationships have an immense impact on your company’s profit and bottom line. Establishing and strengthening relationships with your clients or customers tributes to your efforts and investment. There are various ways to measure and balance the instability of customer relationships.

Customer Relationship Dimensions

First, it’s essential to understand how to measure the fragility of your relationships. There are several dimensions related to measuring a relationship, including customer’s satisfaction and attitude. To measure customer satisfaction, you must determine if your product/services are meeting their expectations. Another common aspect used to measure the strength of a relationship is intent. Successfully measuring intent begins with determining how your customer will likely serve your company. Whether they’re a referral or repurchase, intent can reflect frame of mind and approach. Lastly, there’s behavior. Behavior can be measured by how your customers act. Your relationship is considered stronger with satisfied customers who regularly buy your product.

Attributes of a Strong Relationship

The nature of a strong relationship depends on mutual trust, commitment, and the perception of value. Each attribute can be used to measure the strength of customer relationships. Through mutual trust, commitment, and high perception of value, you’ll be able to improve and strengthen your customer relationships.
To be a successful company, it’s imperative to be customer-centric, focusing on all relations between the business and customers. At Epic Marketing, we can help you maintain marketing efforts in order to track and communicate the right dimensions to reduce customer relationship fragility and improve customer satisfaction.  Contact Epic Marketing today at 801-657-4383 to speak with one of our marketing experts.

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