The Ultimate SEO Checklist

Clipboard With SEO Checklist

Getting a new SEO client is super exciting! Months of hard work finally paid off. So… now what? Whether you’re a seasoned SEO expert or this is your first client, you should have a strategy and workflow for the campaign.

Between on-page optimizations, technical SEO fixes and adhering to Google’s guidelines, your SEO strategy is set up for success. Check out our SEO workflow checklist below.

seo checklist

Step 1: On-page Optimizations

On-page means everything you and your customers can see on the website.

Use a Keyword phrase
Choose a primary keyphrase or topic for each page. Use Google Keyword Planner for ideas.

Use Synonyms
Create a list of alternative keyphrases (synonyms) for your primary keyphrase.

Create title tag
Include unique title tag
Include primary keyphrase
Keep your title is under 70 characters

Meta description
Include unique meta description
Keep description engaging with a CTA
Include primary keyphrase and/or synonyms

H1 tag
Include primary keyphrase in heading of page

Image file name
Include primary keyphrase in the file name

Image alt text
Include primary keyphrase in alt text

Image file size
Optimize images as much as possible

Keep URL under 115 characters
Include keyphrase
Make descriptive/meaningful

Have quality content
Ensure each page has atleast one paragraph of content around 300 words

Write catchy headline with your goal, audience and placement in mind

Aim for at least 3 internal links per page (not including menu)

Step 2: SEO Essentials

This step might require you working with a web developer.

Create an XML sitemap

Create a robots.txt file
Add a link to your sitemap from your robots.txt

Check Speed
Check your site speed and reduce it as much as possible (I recommend using GTMetrix and PageSpeed Insights)

Make sure your site URL with AND without the WWW goes to the same place (301 redirect)

Find Broken links
Check for broken links (I recommend brokenlinkcheck.com)

Make sure your website looks great on mobile and desktop

Step 3: Google Google Google

Very basic SEO strategies to keep Google happy.

Create a Google Webmasters account.

Create a Google Analytics account
Follow the instructions to add it to your website

Create a Google My Business listing
Optimize for best practices

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