Abundant Dental Care

Abundant Dental Care

Abundant Dental Overview

Abundant Dental’s two offices in Murray and Sugar House experienced unprecedented new patient growth when they teamed up with Epic Marketing.

A Man with a Mission

Abundant Dental Care was still just a dream for Dr. Chris Neibauer when he came to Epic last year. Neibauer had a vision to unite his two dental offices under one brand while also leaving room for his aggressive growth goals. Their brand needed to be unique and immediately establish that Abundant Dental Care’s philosophy was to deliver world-class dental care to every single patient.

Their marketing strategy and its corresponding media channels needed to be reevaluated and integrated for Abundant to stretch their marketing budget further. Epic immediately cut direct mail print costs, and have lowered digital marketing costs as well. All while maintaining and growing the number of leads we have been able to produce.

A new website needed to be created with growth in mind. We needed to create a site that converted well for our PPC campaigns to be successful, showed how we are unique and focused on the patient so it resonated with our target audience, enabled us to add new locations as we grew into a much larger corporation, and maintained organic rankings for our SEO strategy.

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Standing Out as a Leader

Epic helped to develop Abundant Dental Care as a unique, recognizable brand. The magenta color stands out from the blues and greens used ad nauseam in the medical fields. It has rich meaning that aligns with our abundance vs scarcity.

Epic also created a single website for the entire corporation – this is more than a nice website. It is the hub of all marketing communication. It serves our audience’s needs by being a place where they can find answers to questions about our doctors, dental questions, contact information and more. It supports all of our campaigns and integrates with them – PPC, SEO, Social, Direct Mail and more.


Abundant Dental’s two offices in Murray and Sugar House experienced unprecedented new patient growth. According to Dental Economics a realistic number for most offices is 10-25 new patients per doctor per month. We have been able to surpass this while maintaining high patient satisfaction and positive independent reviews on Facebook and Google.

Abundant Dental saw exponential growth in their Organic Traffic from our SEO efforts. Through citation clean-ups, technical SEO and optimizations, they saw a 168% increase in organic traffic year-over-year.

Increased patients by 59 in just four months text graphic