Auric Solar

Auric Solar

Reinventing a brand

SolarTek Solutions was in need of a full brand transition as they prepared to undergo a name change. With the solar industry’s peak season fast approaching, the company knew they had to invest in a full-service agency that could work quickly as they transitioned to become Auric Solar. Within two short months, Epic Marketing had completed a top to bottom rebrand of the largest solar provider in Utah.

Overhead View Of A Beautiful Home With Auric Solar Panels Installed
Auric Solar Print Collateral And Business Cards

Solar makes sense

With an abundance of competitors in the solar market, content strategy was critical to the success of Auric Solar. In collaboration with Auric Solar, Epic Marketing identified and defined key messaging based on the unique value proposition of making the switch to solar easy and affordable.

This messaging directly influenced the clean and simplistic design aesthetic emphasizing the ease and friendly approach that Auric Solar brings to solar panel installation. A full media strategy that included television, radio, and print positioned Auric Solar as the premier solar installer.

A new digital experience

We designed and developed auricsolar.com, a responsive and user-friendly website that informs customers of the benefits of solar power. Web form conversion increased through a new site architecture and a focused digital remarketing and PPC campaign. Additionally, our SEO team was able to prevent a drop in rankings despite a name change and a new URL. And, within only a month’s time, Auric Solar’s rankings increased significantly.

Person Viewing Auric Solar Website On Laptop
Barack Obama Standing At A Podium

Public Relations

Big things are happening for Auric Solar and the solar community. Whether its Auric Solar’s chief installer meeting with President Obama during his visit to Utah or securing Utah’s largest privately-owned solar array at MLS’s Real Salt Lake’s Rio Tinto Stadium, Epic Marketing works with Auric Solar to maximize their exposure through broad-reaching PR efforts.