CrowdStorage Website Design

Website Design

High tech. Low cost.

SaaS company CrowdStorage delivers distributed cloud storage with better security and data durability than larger cloud providers. But doing it all for nearly half of what their competitors charge means they’re really delivering huge value for anyone struggling to find an affordable data storage solution. They needed a website that explained their innovative storage architecture but didn’t forget about their low price.

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Technology distillery.

If CrowdStorage’s site was going to attract anyone beyond engineers and tech pros, it also needed to distill the complicated concepts behind their offerings for regular boneheads like the rest of us. Developing a series of simple graphic animations to explain the intricacies of distributed storage, we created a visual aid for those of us who don’t speak IT.

Modular design.

As a tech startup still figuring out their products, we knew CrowdStorage would benefit from a highly customizable CMS backend that could be responsive if (and most definitely when) they needed quick layout changes to tell their developing story. So we built a fully modular CMS system—complete with advanced custom fields that could be inserted like blades into a page layout or stacked on top of each other like blocks. CrowdStorage may know distributed object storage, but we kill it when it comes to Legos.

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