EVO Asset Consulting Website Design

EVO Asset Consulting
Website Design

Evolving relationships.

EVO is out to transform how banks and financial institutions liquidate their REO (Real Estate Owned) assets. With consulting and servicing that takes the workload off the bank, plus modular software to manage and organize asset data, EVO’s web design needed to communicate innovative simplicity and trusted partner for financial institutions timid to embrace a new approach to liquidating their assets.

Friendly design.

Like all our sites, we designed EVO to ensure it’s mobile-friendly and stays responsive. We created a unique color system and type hierarchy that feels tech-based but also approachable. And by incorporating a simple blue gradient and computer-based font like Source Sans Pro, we tuned into EVO’s digital elements to convey a sense of innovation and authenticity. It all adds up—giving the brand a friendly feel that inspires confidence and translates well onto smaller screens.

A personalized experience.

From great page designs to personalized icons and illustrations, we know how to deliver clear visual elements that communicate with any audience and help you reach a higher engagement.