Frazil Video and Product Photography

Frazil Video and
Product Photography

Too sweet to shoot?

Photographing the instantaneous joy-blast of frozen sugar that is Frazil when it’s literally melting away in front of your camera is not for the faint of heart. But we took on the challenge—making sure we captured the perfect mound of slush, the perfect water drops streaming down the cup, and the perfect expression of summer bliss.

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Frazil Drink Blue
Frazil Drink Green
Frazil Drink Red
Frazil Drink White
Frazil Drink Orange
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Summer never tasted so good

Developing POP that highlights Frazil as the sweetest part of summer, we gave customers an emotional connection to the flavors along with imagery that all but put the cup in their hands.

Summer Chill Poster Featuring A Frazil Drink Floating In A Flamingo Floatation Device
So Freezin' Good
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Sugar and a smile

Man Drinking Green Frazil Drink
Woman Drinking Orange Frazil Drink
Two Guys Drinking Frazil Drinks
Girl Drinking Red Frazil Drink