Driving in New Customers

Sierra RV is an already-successful dealership that partnered with Epic Marketing to increase the amount of new customers generated through online marketing. We analyzed what was already working for them, recommended the most effective digital marketing channels for their audience, and built a new marketing strategy focused on category-specific advertising.

Mapping a Successful Route

Sierra RV’s customers usually knew what they were looking for well before they set foot on the lot. We built our marketing with a focus on the category the customer wanted, so if they searched for a new RV, they’d be taken to the RV webpage, they’d start seeing RV remarketing ads, and they’d receive a follow-up email with great deals on RVs. Pairing this strategy with the latest hypertargeting technology, Sierra RV’s call-in customers increased by over 300% compared to the previous year and gave them 200-plus phone calls from their new campaign in the first month.