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As the unofficial sugar-and-syrup-soaked frozen treat of summer, Tropical Sno has a massive customer fan base and a thriving dealer network—both of which needed more support. Fans needed an easier way to find and scope the details of their favorite hut, while dealers were spending way too much time figuring out how to communicate info to their customers and order supplies.

So we set out to address the brand’s biggest pain points and build a brand-new site that delivered the ultimate functional tool for both the customers and the brand—saving time, money, and helping everyone make the most of the summer Sno season.

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Our site let Tropical Sno’s devoted legions browse flavors and popular combinations as well as see which locations were carrying their favorite flavors.

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Giving the site truly mobile functionality meant not only making it simple for customers to find their way to a hut via their phones anytime they had a craving, but we also made it easy for dealers to post their menu, hours, and let fans know if they were relocating to a special event like a community fair or concert.

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Addressing one of Tropical Sno’s biggest pain points, we built the site to function as a brand portal; giving dealers the ability to order absolutely everything and anything they’d need to run their huts (including the huts themselves). From ice shaving machines and flavors to t-shirts, aprons, hats, signage, and swag—the site even featured detailed machine schematics to order parts as small as screws and gaskets. And all of it organized in a friendly, searchable list view that makes ordering what you need a sugar-sweet experience.

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Our crazy-customizable menu configurator meant for the first time, dealers could build a menu to showcase exactly what flavors they offered, design it in three different sizes, and print it on demand—making special menus and last-minute changes a simple fix.

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