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Great websites are written line-by-line. Not from a template.

Drag-and-drop website creation services are great—if you don’t mind being forgettable. Every new business and their mother are using the same basic templates. That’s no way to make you stand out from your competition. Your Draper business needs a website as unique as you are. Epic Marketing’s Utah web development team can help make your dream website a reality.

We build all of our clients’ websites from scratch. By knowing everything that’s going on under the hood of your site, we ensure that it’s running as efficiently as possible and is performing exactly how we want. And if your Draper-based company is looking to revamp your current site, we can do that too.

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Our Web Dev Philosophy

We look at every web development project through a mobile-first lense. Making a responsive website that looks good on a smartphone, tablet, computer (or as its own mobile app) ensures your customer has an optimal experience no matter their device.

And of course, we never forget about SEO. If a website goes up but it’s not SEO-friendly, does it even exist? Not to Google, at least. All of our sites are optimized for search engines and enabled with Google Analytics before it’s pushed live. And if you like, our digital team can continue to work on your site’s SEO so your site gets to its rightful place: the top of Google’s search results.

We also know that every second a website is down is a second you can’t make a sale. We don’t want that for any of our clients—that’s why we meticulously test the site before and after it’s published. If we see any problem or something breaks, we’ll fix those ASAP so you lose as little revenue as possible.

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Types of Services

Human-centric design is at the heart of our websites

Just because a site looks good, doesn’t mean it’s good for your user. UX/UI, and CRO are crucial parts of keeping your potential customers on a site and keeping them coming back. We create sites with your users in mind to make sure they have the best experience as possible and fulfill those CTAs.

E-commerce sites

If you’re selling a product from your website, you want your customer to go through the checkout page with as little friction as possible. We use the latest web dev tech to make sure your e-commerce site runs smoothly and efficiently.

It’s time to push

It’s finally here: your site’s launch date. Pushing a website live is always an exciting time—after all, you only get one chance at a first impression. After your site is live and we’ve made sure everything is in working order, we can keep working together and provide ongoing site support to ensure everything runs smoothly. Or if you want to take the reins, we can train your Draper-based team on how to operate the CMS.

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Helping Our Salt Lake City Neighbors

We’re a born and bred Utah agency here to help our local community. Salt Lake City’s small business scene is exploding, and we’re here to get businesses in Utah’s capital city off the ground and thriving. We’ve created websites for Salt Lake companies like VASA, Motor Sportsland, and Abundant Dental Care —helping them grow into the powerhouses they are today. Whether you’re headquartered Downtown, in Sugar House, or Capitol Hill, let’s grab a drink and discuss how our team can help our Salt Lake neighbors grow their business.

Let Epic Create Your Dream Website

Located just 20 miles south of Salt Lake City, Epic Marketing is a full-service marketing agency that specializes in web development for Utah companies. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about how our web development professionals can create or revamp your company’s website.