Drive traffic. Convert users. Scale revenue.


More than just a box you check on your list of marketing tasks, digital should drive your business forward. So we bust out our big guns: technical analysis and data-driven strategies that are backed by expert, seasoned creative and development skill. With our scopes zeroed in on solving your digital challenges, you get measurable results and a serious competitive edge.

Our digital marketing is holistic.

  • Paid

    Robust analytics and research—it’s the drum agencies thump when talking about how Google ads should be processed, dissected, and understood. Epic PPC management adds a bit more percussion; with expertise and strategy from an in-house team that’s managed and optimized big campaigns across an even bigger cross-section of industries—all without missing a beat on delivering a tangible return on investment.
  • SEO

    Let us help you rise to the top of the SERPs

    Search engine optimization: do it right and your business will rise to Google’s coveted first page. Do it wrong and your site could get penalized, leaving your business to sink as your competition quickly outranks you.

    The challenge of making your Utah-based business appealing to algorithms is second in importance to making it appealing to potential customers. Queue your local search engine optimization agency: Epic Marketing.

    Here at Epic, we take your Utah SEO campaigns to new heights—leveraging everything one can know about Google’s algorithm, then turning that knowledge into calculated, data-driven adjustments to your site.

  • Email

    Let’s automate nonessential tasks, get an end-to-end acquisition service working for you, and make sure you can scale efficiently. So your team can get down to the real business of improving sales rep efficiency, nurturing existing leads, and increasing conversions.
  • Social

    Great paid social campaigns need a great organic presence backed by real data and serious targeting ability. So we build your customized social strategy piece by piece: engaging posts across the right mix of social channels, with the right voice share, and the right brand messaging. Sound like rocket science? It can be. Call us MIT.