Hypertargeting: Targeting Your Ideal Customers by Location

Hypertargeting Basics

Hypertargeting is a state-of-the-art technological advancement in mobile advertising; it uses location-based technology to show a business’s ads on potential customers’ smartphones. Hypertargeting utilizes the large number of smartphones equipped with GPS technology used today and uses that to a company’s advantage. It does this by showing digital ads to potential customers that enter a Target Zone drawn around a physical location or geographic area. This geographic area can be a business, its competitors, or any other location that a business owner or marketing decision-maker would like to target.

Benefits of Hypertargeting

Hypertargeting offers unique benefits that traditional marketing techniques cannot. It physically targets potential customers by where they’re physically going with precision and accuracy while they’re in the buying mindset for your particular product or service. Some of the unique benefits of Hypertargeting are:

• Increasing brand awareness
• Targeting competitor’s exact locations
• Identifying prospective customers by behavior
• Providing the most accurate and powerful location-based tracking available
• Retargeting customers who visit or commute near your business location
• Driving mobile ad performance and mobile reach 2X better than standard digital ads
• Providing the most reliable way to target mobile users by proximity to a business’s location
• Leveraging targeted campaigns only to customers within a predetermined physical proximity to your business

Beginning a Hypertargeting Campaign

If a business owner wants to begin a Hypertargeting campaign, they must first determine the best locations or Target Zones to reach their ideal, potential customers. For example, if the business owner knows potential customers would visit a competitor’s location, sports venue, or shopping area we can establish those areas as Target Zones. After that, a campaign is set up that targets those specific areas and delivers ads to people that engage with their smartphone in that zone.

How Hypertargeting Works

For Hypertargeting to take effect, a potential customer in your Target Zone must view their web browser or connect to the internet using their smartphone. After that, they can then be served up an ad from the business’s campaign. Those reached by the campaign will continue to see remarketing ads for up to 30 days on all of their devices, including desktop computers and tablets when logged in. A feature within Hypertargeting called “recency” is also used to target users as soon as they enter the Target Zone and for up to 30 days after they’ve left, and anytime in between. Hypertargeting can pinpoint individual locations by address as precisely as 10 meters. This helps determine the best, most exact targeting for the greatest potential of reaching its ideal customers and the best offer or ad to get optimal results.

Types of Hypertargeting

Hypertargeting encompasses an array of marketing services that allow us to specifically deliver your advertising message to a clearly identified target audience. Some of the methods that are under the hypertargeting banner are:

  • -GeoFencing
  • -GeoTargeting
  • -IP Targeting
  • -Foot Traffic Attribution
  • -Location Based Marketing

When these digital marketing channels are paired with highly targeted traditional channels, Epic sees the greatest impact as it is truly a multi-channel, multi-touch approach that engages potential audience and starts them through the sales process.

Conversion Tracking

Hypertargeting allows a business to not only get its ads in front of potential customers based on their location, but it also tracks customers who have seen their ads and then also come into their business. When we set up a campaign, the business’s own location will be designated as a Conversion Zone so we can track online-to-offline conversions from Hypertargeting advertisements served up to designated Target Zones. This allows us to track the progress and success of the current campaign and to make changes to ensure the campaign is successful.